The Eastern Arch- Motorcycle Tour through the Northeast States of India

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This motorcycle tour takes us through some of India’s easternmost states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam and Meghalaya. A rider’s delight, this route includes the densely forested tracts of Nagaland, the riverbed areas of eastern Arunachal, the tea growing regions of Assam and the wettest places on Earth at Meghalaya among others. Incidentally, this region has one of the highest densities of ethnicities and languages in the whole of India. During the tour we ride through territories of tribes such as the Galo, Adi, Idu, Khamti, Konyak, Ao, Lotha, Angami, Karbi, Dimasa, Jaintia and Khasi to name a few. In fact, every single day takes us through territories of different tribes, each tribe totally different from the previous. The destination for the ride is Guwahati, which is the capital of Assam and the largest city among the seven states. The ride itself takes us through a variety of terrain, road conditions and vegetation which changes on a daily basis.

  • Total Days: 15
  • Riding Days: 12
  • Cycling Km: < 2000 Km
  • Avg. day riding distance: 180 Km
  • Avg. day riding time: 6 – 7 hrs

Airport In: Dibrugarh (Assam)

Airport Out: Guwahati (Assam)


Day 1. Dibrugarh

Your port of arrival is the Dibrugarh Airport of Upper Assam. Your guide will meet you at the airport and assist in your transfer to your hotel for the night. Once you have checked in and had a rest, we will introduce you to your bike and do the necessary adjustments you need. Following this we will have a briefing regarding the days to come.

Activity: Transfer/ Bike fitting / Briefing

Overnight: Hotel

Day 2. Dibrugarh to Pasighat

We start the day by crossing the Mighty Brahmaputra on the newly constructed 5 km long Bogibeel bridge. For the first 120 Kms we are in Assam, crossing territories of the Mishing, Ahom and Boro people. You will be riding through typical rural Assam with lush paddy and mustard fields. Following this we enter Arunachal Pradesh at the Ruksin Gates, here we need to stop and do our entry formalities. Today is a little shorter ride on good roads and with perfect conditions to acclimatize as well as familiarize with the motorcycle and the riding conditions. Our destination for the day is a quaint lodge perched high above the mighty Siang River. The Siang as known in Arunachal Pradesh is the main tributary of the Brahmaputra, upriver in Tibet it is known as the Yarlung Tsangpo.

Activity: Ride – 170 Km (5 – 6 hrs)

Overnight: Eco cottages

Day 3. Pasighat to Wakro

Your first long day takes you across territories of four unique tribes to the little settlement of Wakro which literally means “where the bamboo grows”. This is easily one of the most picturesque days as you cross the three easternmost tributaries of the Brahmaputra. Wide vistas of the Himalayan range and its lesser hills on three sides and the Brahmaputra valley on the fourth. First, we have the Siang River, then comes the Dibang followed by the Lohit. Each of which is a mighty glacier fed Himalayan River. Our destination for this day is a little eco lodge in the outskirts of Wakro. There is a small organic green tea factory in the vicinity making some of the best green teas of this region.

Activity: Ride- 240Km / 7 – 8 hrs

Overnight: Eco Lodge

Day 4: Wakro to Margeritha

Another beautiful day on small backroads of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Start the day with a visit to the organic tea factory to understand the process of green tea manufacturing. Following this we ride. The first 60 km a is totally forested path between the Kamlang and Namdapha National Parks, two of the great wildlife parks of eastern India. Here you will find a couple of small Miju Mishmi villages with their typical longhouses. The next 30 kms takes us through small villages and a boat crossing across the Noa Dihing River. Enroute we visit a carpet weaving centre at the local Tibetian Refugee Colony. Our destination for the day is a village called Inthong home to the Singpho Tribe.

Activity: Ride- 170 Km / 6 – 7 hrs

Overnight: Eco Lodge

Day 5: Margeritha to Mon

Today we make our way into eastern Nagaland. The township of Mon is the central town for the Konyak Nagas. The Konyaks spread across this part of Nagaland, parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar are a martial race known as fierce warriors who in the days gone used to be headhunters. Even today the chief decides for the Konyaks across both sides of the border. This is a fairly long day with most of it spend in the plains parallel to the Patkai Range. Today we will pass one of the first oil towns of Asia, ride through rice paddies and tea estates of Assam and into the forested tracts of Nagaland. The roads conditions aren’t at their best in this part of Assam; however, it is even worse as we enter Nagaland.

Activity: Ride- 170Km / 7-8 hrs Overnight: Eco cottages

Day 6: Mon Local

We use his day to explore around the Konyak areas. We have a couple of local visits planned. We first head towards the Myanmar border to the Longwa Village. Longwa is one of the larger Konyak villages situated on a spur on the Myanmar border, half the village being on the Indian side whereas the other half on the Myanmar side. Following this we visit the Local markets at Mon.

Activity: Ride – 100kms

Overnight: Eco Cottages

Day 7. Mon to Mokokchung

Heading deeper into Nagaland we make for Mokokchung. The bustling township of Mokokchung is one of the major towns in Nagaland and is the nerve centre of the Ao people. The day’s ride takes us on a combination of deep forested Jeep tracks and single lane state roads. A fair amount of today’s riding will be in wild country with deep muddy roads and a few human settlements. You will most likely see extraordinarily little to no other traffic on the first section of the day.

Activity: Ride: 170 Km / 7 – 8 hrs

Overnight: Lodge

Day 8. Mokokchung to Kohima

In modern history Kohima has been famously known as the turning point in the Asia pacific theatre of WW2, it is often referred to as the ‘Stalingrad of the east’ where the Japanese war machinery finally met its match and hence started its decline. The ‘Battle of Kohima’ and specifically the ‘Battle of the tennis court’ are examples of famous battles fought in this theatre. A good day of riding again, we take you to Kohima via the Doyang reservoir mostly on village tracks. This area has become famous for the annual migration of the Amur Falcons who rest here for 40 days fattening up for their flight from Siberia to Africa. In the months of Oct-Nov the skies turn black with the frenzy of millions of these falcons.

Activity: Ride – 170 kms / 7 – 8 hrs

Overnight: Homestay

Day 9. Kohima to Diphu

We start the day with a couple of local visits. First, we visit the Kisama heritage village, a local market in Kohima and the Khonoma Village before heading towards our destination for the day. Our destination Diphu is the headquarters of the Karbi Hills of Assam. This is the land of the Karbi Tribe.

Activity: Ride – 170 kms / 7 – 8 hrs

Overnight: Homestay

Day 10. Diphu to Haflong

Our destination for the day is Haflong popularly known as the only hill station of Assam. The days ride takes us through Karbi Anglong and then into the Dima Hsao district. The second half of the day will be on newly built four lane highways which will someday connect India with South East Asia. Enroute we will come across settlements of Karbi, Dimasa, Rengma among other tribes. Enroute we visit some of the ruins of the erstwhile Dimasa Kingdom.

Activity: Ride – 160 kms / 6 – 7 hrs

Overnight: Homestay

Day 11. Haflong to Jowai (Lalong)

Another beautiful day of riding, we start through the forested North Cachar hill tract following which we climb up to the Jaintia Plateau. Enroute we cross the Umrangso reservoir with phenomenal views all around. The Jaintia hills is the easternmost hill range of Meghalaya, the traditional territory of the Jaintia Tribe. We end our day in a little village called Lalong.

Activity: Ride – 180 kms / 8 – 9 hrs

Overnight: Eco Cottages

Day 12. Jowai (Lalong) to Sohra (Cherrappunjee)

Our destination for the day is Cherrapunji which has the distinction of receiving some of the highest rainfall ever recorded. We will ride close to the Bangladesh border on excellent roads with very little traffic. We shall stop over at a small Khasi village enroute for a scrumptious traditional meal. Cherrapunji has much to offer, including the natural root bridges and some of the deepest caves in India. For a large part of the day we will be riding along the Bangladesh border. Enroute we visit the Krang Shuri Waterfall, Mwllynnong village and the largest root bridge of the region.

Activity: Ride – 180 kms / 7 – 8 hrs

Overnight: Eco Cottages

Day 13. Sohra local

A rest day, with an optional hike to the living root bridges. This region other than being the wettest place on earth during the monsoons is also home to the Living root bridges. Over centuries the Khasi folk of this region have been entwining the roots of the Ficus Elastica trees to build bridges across the fast-flowing streams that are found all over. Other options are visits to the Mawsmai cave and the border town of Shella in the Indo – Bangla border.

Activity: Hike

Overnight: Eco Cottages

Day 14. Sohra to Guwahati

The last day of riding takes you back to the Brahmaputra valley. Our destination for this day is Guwahati, the capital of Assam and the largest city of the region. Ride takes you on sweeping roads through the east and west Khasi hill districts of Meghalaya, enroute we visit a couple of beautiful waterfalls. Upon arrival check in to your Hotel while the team dispatches with the bikes.

Activity: Ride – 200 kms / 7 – 8 hrs

Overnight: Hotel

Day 15. Depart

Your port of departure is the Guwahati airport.

Activity: Airport Transfer – 1hr / Depart


  • Accommodation: 14 nights
  • Meals: 14 breakfast, 14 dinners, 14 lunch
  • Refreshment & Water: Throughout
  • Guide: Throughout on Royal Enfield bike
  • Mechanic: Throughout with related tools and spares and gasoline
  • First Aid Kit: Comprehensive
  • Backup Vehicle: Pickup Truck
  • Airport: Pickup and drop
  • Fees & Toll: All
  • Entry permit for foreigners
  • Visa
  • international flight
  • unmentioned food and beverages


Prices and Dates

Fixed Date: 22.10.-2022 – 05.11.2022

Best time: October to March

Cost for single traveler:

With Backup Camper, Mechanic, Guide on bike: 3540 €

With Backup Camper, Guide on bike: 2340 €

Cost from 2 pax: Per person

Single Occupancy: 2140 €

Twin Occupancy: 1840 €

Cost from 4 pax: Per person

Single Occupancy: 1740 €

Twin Occupancy: 1440 €

Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle: with fuel and transportation charges (Guwahati to Dibrugarh)

Per bike: 500 €

Tour Info


Good motorcycling skills are required. Some rivers have to be crossed and it goes over jeep tracks and sometimes poorly developed roads. Every day, 6-7 hours or more are spent on the motorcycle.

Further Information

Of course, a motorcycle driving licence is necessary – usually the International Driving License, which can be applied for free of charge with the authorities.

Larger repair costs in case of self-inflicted debt must be borne by the participants.

We recommend taking your own motorcycle clothes as well as your own helmet.

This tour takes us through regions that are still not very accessible for tourists. Flexibility and spontaneity are required. The accommodations may be a bit simple from time to time, but they are clean and well maintained.

We are happy to assist you with the organisation of your arrival and departure.


  • Dibrugarh: Dibrugarh Clubhouse
  • Pasighat: Abor Country Lodge
  • Wakro: Wakro Eco Lodge
  • Margeritha: Singpho Eco Lodge
  • Mon: Helsa Cottage
  • Mokokchung: Whispering Winds
  • Kohima: Mourong Lodge homestay
  • Diphu: Terang Homestay
  • Haflong: Nothao Lodge
  • Lalong: Lalong Eco Cottages
  • Sohra: Ibankordor Jungle Retreat
  • Guwahati: Hotel Kalyaniz or Greenwood Resort


1Arrival @ DibrugarhDibrugarhBike setup / Briefing
2DibrugarhPasighatRide: 170 Km / 5 – 6 hrs
3PasighatWakroRide: 240 Km / 7 – 8 hrs
4WakroMargerithaRide: 170 Km / 6 – 7 hrs hrs
5MargerithaMonRide: 170 Km / 6 – 7 hrs
6MonLocalRide: 100 Km
7MonMokokchungRide: 170 Km / 8 – 9 hrs
8MokokchungKohimaRide: 150 Km / 7 hrs
9KohimaDiphuRide: 170 Km / 7 – 8 hrs
10DiphuHaflongRide: 160 Km / 6 – 7 hrs
11HaflongJowai (Lalong)Ride: 180 Km / 8 – 9 hrs
12Jowai (Lalong)Sohra (Cherrapunjee)Ride: 180 Km Km /7 – 8 hrs
13SohraLocalHike / 4- 5 hrs
14SohraGuwahatiRide: 200 Km / 7 – 8 hrs
15GuwahatiDepart @ GuwahatiAirport Transfer

The Eastern Arch- Motorcycle Tour through the Northeast States of India

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