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    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Always India with Chalo!Travels

    Von From Anno Mo, 28.02.2021

    Dear Sarah, In these times we are all less busy planning trips for the upcoming vacation days but also live from our memories of our most beautiful trips and that's where you come in: We have been able to travel all over India with you several times - by plane, train, bus, private car, mountain bike and on foot and every single trip / trekking tour / yoga trip offered us the precisely planned and then perfect experience at exactly the right time. It became clear again and again that India is not and will not be a country in planning and that is exactly what made the appeal. Since you know your way around so well, you are the link between the "Indian" mentality (which of course does not exist in such a general way) and the expectations of your travel guests. So we look forward to planning a trip again as soon as possible and simply being able to be a guest in India again.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Golden Triangle and Manali Leh Highway Bicycle Tour

    Von From Melitta and Toralf, 25.12.2020

    At first, dear Sarah Happy Birthday... best wishes for your birthday! It's been over 2 months now, everyday life has us back, but the memories still reverberate. Sarah had prepared an eventful mix for us. After a welcome day in Delhi, the adventure took off with the journey in the Volvo bus to Manali. After wonderful days in Manali including a three-day trekking tour to the Khan Pari Tibba with 4130m altitude, the main act was waiting for us ... by MTB from Manali to Leh. During the eight days Sarah, Jogi and the whole team took perfect care of us. After each stage of the day, a hot chai was waiting for us, the tents had already been set up and our chef Anil conjured up Indian delicacies in several courses in his kitchen tent. The logistics were also well organized so that everyone could create the entire stage or parts of it according to their daily form. The crowning achievement of the mountain bike tour was to be able to stand on the Kardung La with 5606 m. We pay respect to Olaf, who was the only one in our group accompanied by Sarah who also conquered this pass by bike. The rest of us preferred to take the Jeep for this pass. We visited the Taj Mahal at the end and did a "Jaipur City Tour of a Different Kind" ... by city bike outside the tourist paths. The time in India will remain unforgettable for us and was moving and earthy. That's the way it is, we owe it to Jogi, his team and especially Sarah. Chalo Sarah .... keep doing what you do!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Multi Active Kerala Trip

    Von From Kathrin, 08.12.2020

    Dear Sarah, we are a bit older, but India has always been a great longing of mine. Visiting the homeland of Mahatma Ghandi and Rabindranath Tagore, a long-cherished dream. Your travel company was ideal for our desire to travel: to be active in beautiful nature, to meet the people of the destination with respect, to experience the culture and also to gain experience ourselves. We especially appreciated your flexibility to deviate from the plan. You also get an extra star for the morning yoga exercises. Thank you, hopefully, there will be tourism in India again soon, then we will be happy to come back. Thomas and Kathrin

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Backpacker Trip March 2020

    Von From Isolde, 04.06.2020

    Dear Sarah, The adventure of traveling through India as a backpacker at an age of over 55 years was fulfilled. I did not dare to do it alone, and it would not have been possible for me to find all the departure points of the train and buses in a short time without a tour guide. I wanted to travel by all sorts of means of transport. Thank you Sarah for the good organization. I was surprised that the toilet on the train was so clean. It was great in Rishikesh and cold but magnificent in the mountains. Until then, Corona hadn't been an issue and we had experienced a lot. Our tour guide Dikshika was like a friend who knows so much and has everything under control and is very flexible. We had a lot of fun together. So I felt well taken care of without stress. First, everything went according to plan, then the Corona pandemic came. You have always kept us informed about Corona. We had deliberately decided not to cancel after the first week. Our program has always been changed and adapted at lightning speed. That was a great performance. We could only visit the Taj Mahal from the outside. In this way, we got to know the roofs of Agra and the Elephant Gate and the agriculture there. In Jodpur we could not visit the Fort anymore, but we could participate in the cooking course and experience how a market from one day to the next becomes deserted. The overnight stay in the desert was arranged as planned. After that, we had to say goodbye to Dikisha and at the same, the lockdown happened. In Kerala we were very well looked after by Anoop. Unfortunately, the excursions were no longer possible, but we could explore Fort Kochi with the narrow streets and be with the locals for whom the situation was also new. We had a look at the hospital and get to know the authorities. This situation was new to everyone. For the Indians and also for us. Everyone was very polite, considerate and helpful. Finally, we decided to donate the overpaid amount for the uncommitted excursions to the needy in India. That gives a good feeling and it was a successful backpacker trip 2020.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    4 weeks intensive India

    Von From Diana, 02.03.2020

    Thank you for four wonderful weeks! At the end of last year I spontaneously decided to go to India in January. A good friend gave me the contact of Sarah, from the first moment I had a great feeling and the anticipation began. She has taken a lot of time, has responded to all my ideas and wishes and has put together a varied programme in advance. When boarding in Frankfurt, the excitement was very great 🙂 Arriving in India I started with Ayurveda and a small round trip in Kerala. We continued to the north to Dharamsala on the edge of the Himalayas. And finally to Rishikesh, for a week-long stay in the ashram. The whole trip was accompanied by nature, hiking and yoga. Thanks to Sarah, I have experienced India in all its fullness and diversity. And whenever I had questions, I could always contact her and get quick answers to questions that arise on a first trip to India 🙂 Thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful and unforgettable start to the new year with a great journey through India. All Love, Diana

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Backpacker Trip 2019

    Von From Dietmar, 29.02.2020

    Here is my comment on the backpacker trip (for students) with Chalo Travels in October 2019. First of all, I have to explain that I have travelled to India three times before: for the first time 46 years ago a whole year as a backpacker and 7 years ago a (perfectly) organized trip with the whole family (a third trip was purely professional: bioinformatics meeting in Bangalore). As you can imagine, the contrasts between the two private trips are so great that they are not comparable at all. To anticipate: I liked the backpacker trip with Chalo Travels, very much, because this trip hit my expectations and because I was looking for such an arrangement (organized accommodation, interesting places and as smooth transport as possible, since time budget is small), although the risk that such a trip is not working with me as an older person an with very young people. In an emergency, you can't always get out of the way. But it worked in my view. I hope that the other travelers will see it that way. And this, my expectation has probably been the decisive factor for my satisfaction. A different expectation can also lead to great dissatisfaction. I do not want to go into the criticism f fellow travellers in detail here, but rather to highlight the positive for me, with few criticisms: (1) the trip was not too expensive for backpackers. This is, of course, the statement of an ex-full earner and thus relative to be seen. (2) The accommodations were appropriate for the backpacker travel offer (assessed on a flat-rate basis), partly good, partly less good (3) The travel organisation was certainly not perfect, but well planned and essentially worked. I also do not expect perfection on a backpacker trip, on the contrary, the uncertain moments also make up the charm of a backpacker trip, according to the motto "even dead ends have beautiful gardens"; otherwise you should use Studiosos Et. Al. Travel. For me, getting organized this trip by Chalo! Travels, was the reason to book with them. Because I knew that even the 2 months I planned would be quickly used up in India to determine transportation and accommodation. I am talking about travel beyond flying, especially trains and buses. If I just want to fly, I don't have to go to India, then it's a mega-city city trip with a slum tour. I myself would have liked to have travelled by train more often on this journey, but I know that this would have completely exceeded the time frame, this is not a criticism of the planning. But India without a train journey is not actually India. Luckily we had one! (4) The different destinations of the trip were very well chosen for me, especially for people who do not yet know the country: Delhi as a hectic and charming MegaCity, with Old Delhi as the "Grand Bazaar"; TheHimalaya and Tibetan Exile in Dharamsala/McLoad-Ganj, Trekking; Rishikesh/Beatles/Yoga and Ganges (as a bad swimmer, the short rafting tour was much fun for me); Agra with Taj Mahal as a"must" in India; Jodphur/Rhajastan/Half Desert/Camels etc. and finally Kerala with Cochin, Backwaters and Munnar Mountains. In between activities with zip-lining, rafting, bike tours. A good first cross-section with many activities. Perfect for people who do not know the country. 5)To put it another way: things that didn't work or didn't work right away [e.g. that we couldn't find a suitable restaurant at night on arrival, or the feeling that we have landed in the low season - how good, no mass run-up] was more the salt in the traveling soup. But I admit that man(/woman can see differently. And: why shouldn't the tour guide share the room with a fellow traveller if it meets with the consent of the affected persons and is not forced (for financial reasons)? (6) All in all, a very varied journey, with many different impressions of this multifaceted country, not perfect, but if someone offers a backpacker trip with the slogan "perfectly organized" I would have the utmost concerns. Travelling in India has to be a little unperfect, that makes the appeal, difficulties inclusive.  (7) Reference. I had twice - mediated by Sarah Appelt/Chalo Travels - personal guides (before the actual trip in Delhi and later after the end of the backpacker trip in Varanasi and was very satisfied with her placements. Everything worked wonderfully. I can only recommend this: Good guided tours, also visit other places than always just the same hot spots, good conversations, good food. Really good. I cannot judge some of the criticisms that have been expressed in terms of price (e.g. the week concerning Kerala), for example, the surcharge for the week seemed to be in order, especially since Kerala is generally higher in price level than in northern India

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Multi Active Rajasthan Trip

    Von From Christina, 23.12.2019

    Dear Sarah, I hope you spend a nice time with your loved ones in Germany. I don't want to miss to say thank you to you again for your great support and accompaniment in Rajasthan. Your pleasant and competent manner is really great. I really enjoyed the trip all around and I still revel in memories... very likely my family won't get around some India stories and various pictures at Christmas 😉 Your Christina

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Yoga Ashram and Yoga Trekking

    Von From Margit and Fredi, 04.11.2019

    Dear Sarah, yes, we are already back and everyday life has us back. The whole trip worked out wonderfully and it was an extraordinary journey. Thank you for your organization and support. I'm already doing advertisements for you and have shared your homepage. Greetings Margit and Fredi

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Epic Motorcycle Tour of Ladakh

    Von From Ernst, 15.08.2019

    At the end of July/beginning of August 2019 we were able to experience a guided motorcycle tour Manali/Leh/Pangong Lake etc. Chalo Travels works with local guides, which greatly enhances the travel experience. The tour was well planned, the choice of accommodations was very well taken and the whole team consisted of professionals! All bookings were done in advance and worked! We will be back in northern India with Sarah and her Team in 2020. Thank you

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Yoga Trekking in the Himalayas

    Von From Ela, 10.07.2019

    Once again a big thanks to you and to David for this really great trip, I really rave here to everyone who asks me about my holiday 🙂 I have always felt in good hands with you, you organize the trips really always excellent. It was really an unforgettable experience and showed me how great such a time in nature and in the mountains is!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Finding Peace in a Yoga Ashram

    Von From Tom, 19.03.2019

    Dear Sarah It was really great and I would like to be back as soon as possible. You did it really well, I particularly liked the closeness to the people we got through you. The photos will probably take some time..... everything takes its time 🙂 On Monday, the seriousness of life begins again. Loved everything and see you soon.

    / SterneStars

    Multi Active Trip Rajasthan

    Von From Manuela and Christina, 19.02.2019

    Manuela "I wish you all the best and keep doing this with your business, you're doing it really great and I can still say that this was one of the greatest trips I've made so far! And what is still crucial for me: It was my first "group trip" and the first impression counts as you know. You and especially you have made sure that this was certainly not the last trip in such a constellation and I can only encourage anyone who is alone to do such a thing. I was able to fully enjoy the trip, thank you for that!" Christina "A week has passed since I am back home and I am still busy processing my impressions of India. Thank you for this wonderful journey, which was also wonderful because you led it and we got to know "your" India."

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Private Yoga Ashram Stay in Rajasthan

    Von From Sabine, 16.02.2019

    Dear Sarah, Yes, I had a wonderful stay at the Ashram. I was without expectations wanted to accept everything that was coming. I am energetically charged, peaceful and calm. It's a great place! Guruji is incredibly energizing and Shree and everyone else so loving people. I am very grateful for this time! And of course not least to you, as you made the stay here possible. I will definitely return at some point. Maybe we will run over each other.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Yoga and Round Trip - wonderful trip during the change of the year!

    Von From Charlotte, 18.01.2019

    To compromise a two-week journey with so many impressions, experiences and stories in a small report is difficult, because India and everything else is just so big. It was a great trip, a special experience and just the right decision!!! I wanted to go to India for a long time, but I also had a lot of respect for the country... and then the trip happened "by itself" - a friend had just returned from a trip booked through Sarah and told so enthusiastically about it, that I actually booked quite spontaneously, 4 weeks in advance only - simply because it felt good and Sarah put together an individual trip (Yoga & Culture) while being in nice e-mail contact. And best of all, she also accompanied me herself! We were first - with a small group - in the Sri Jasnath Ashram - near Jodhpur with lots of yoga, meditation, massages, very good food, peace and special atmosphere and encounters... a special new year - the new year was just there, like a new day and felt I arrived with every day more... At the same time, after a week, I was happy to travel and get to know the "real" India outside of the special ashram world. So Sarah and I - after a fun camel safari and with luxury camp stay overnight - wenr on a small round trip through Rajasthan; with our own driver and car - with whom Sarah was able to communicate well thanks to her Hindi knowledge. Our stations were: Jodhpur - Pushkar - Jaipur - Agra/Taj Mahal - Dehli! Wherever we went, we have experienced tumultuous India... Same same but different... with markets, explorations, sightseeing, temples, best lassi, chai, cooking & eating places and morning private yoga class on wonderful terraces! It was like traveling with a friend with Sarah and she became a friend:-)... with the big plus that she already knows India and country and people very well - she tell me many insight stories, knew all the places and I got such great and also authentic insights,like a private dinner with an Indian family,... Everything was well organized, everywhere we were exactly as long as it felt right, to then pick up new impulses again! Fortunately, the culture shock that many reports has failed to materialize... yes, India is crazy, noisy, dirty, different (Sarah: "India is progressive muscle relaxation";-) ), but above all also exciting, special and diverse! And I know for sure that I want to go again - because the country is so big and there are so many other corners... and hopefully back with Sarah - the best guide, India  insider, personal yogi, shopping consultant and food sharing partner,... In my mind are many of our small and big experiences, which are lasting and could perhaps be captured by the photos a bit. Thank you for everything - we stay in touch:-) and to anyone who is attracted to India, I can only recommend to book with Sarah - be it with one of her guides or with herself - she is always there with her heart, a lot of personality and commitment! Namaste Charlotte

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Yoga Trekking and Ashram Trip in India

    Von From Elke, 14.12.2018

    Dear Sarah, I had a fantastic holiday. I am so full of new impressions and in good mood. And this despite the cold and darkness in Berlin. I hope it lasts for a while. The ashram was great. I'm really glad you chose this special place for me and I had the best massage ever in Mcleod Ganj. The Yoga Trek was beautiful and I had a fun time and learned something about myself again... by the way: everyone raves about you in Mcleod Ganj 🙂 Thank you for everything. Greetings

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    In Nine weeks across India- Private Tour

    Von From Anett and Frank, 13.12.2018

    Hello dear Sarah, We would like to thank you very much for the organization of our trip to India!!! It was all great, the individual destinations were very well combined and we felt comfortable everywhere despite all the peculiarities of the country. It was an adventure for us, not a pure holiday.... but we wanted it like that. And in 9 weeks we have probably got to know some areas that otherwise a 3-week tourist does not see. It was very nice to be able to travel alone and still have you as a contact person via WhatsApp. So... Thanks again for everything... we have learned to love India, are fascinated by the country, the people and how everything works...;) We wish you continued success with your travel agency.... keep doing well. Greetings from Saxony to the Himalayas by Anett and Frank

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Rishikesh Ashram- Thank you!

    Von From Christiane, 10.11.2018

    Hello Sarah, I am now back home and have to get used to the fact that there are no cows on the street (I miss them a bit 🙂 ) Thank you again for taking care of everything so great! That made my entry into India very easy and I will definitely return to this crazy, great country one day. Then I like to come back to you 🙂 Dear Greetings

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Three Weeks Backpacker Trip - India Pure

    Von From Flora, 29.10.2018

    Dear Sarah Now I'm back in another world almost 36 hours... First of all THANK YOU for this wonderful insight into India, that you were always there for us and never got tired of my many questions. For me, this was really the journey of my life and the best way for me to get to know this country. You have really planned everything well and for about the few delays you can't do anything and it belongs to the country. I really liked everything, except for my gastrointestinal problems that have persisted since the 2nd night until now. I am definitely very happy to have made this trip. I've learned a lot about myself and just realize how lucky and prosperous we are. And Dikshika, our Guide, did her job really well, precisely because she is Indian, we were able to immerse ourselves even better in the Indian world and learned a lot about life and people. I'm sure I'll come back to India, but I'm quite sure I'm not going to live there like you, I admire that. Thank you again for this individual and well organized special trip. The story of how I came to Chalo! Travels is really funny because I spontaneously had the idea to fly 3 weeks to India and thought of an ashram stay, then I came across a post from you in some forum and there was also your internet page linked and then I was quite surprised to find that you are offering exactly what is perfect for me and also at the perfect period and in the right budget. That was really a lot of luck and spontaneity!

    / SterneStars

    Amazing Mountain Bike Tour on the Manali Leh Highway

    Von From Maik, 24.08.2018

    The tour was awesome! Very big praise! The team around Jogi is also excellent! From cook to driver everything and everyone was consistently perfect. The mattresses may not be the most comfortable but since I can still write you see that I did not die from lack of sleep ????  I am not a mountain goat and rather only know the lowlands ????, still, I could do it and it was a lot of fun for me and yesterday I fulfilled my dream and made it to the top of the Kardung La. Just crazy. The participants were also???? all top (almost ???? ) who gets involved for such an adventure. should know that comfort has to be dispensed,  even though the food and everything else was just perfect. From tomorrow I will definitely recommend you. I'm so fascinated by this country that I wasn't here the last time! And the next tattoo motif is already in making  ????.  I actually made it into the newspaper at home. I wasn't in India the last time and I'm sure I'll come back to you ???? thank you very much for everything!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Perfect Pin Parvati Pass Trek

    Von From Clara, 01.08.2018

    My sister and I went to the Pin Parvati pass Trek. Even before the start of the trip everything was super organized and Sarah was always available with advice and deeds for every question, be it regarding visa, trouser length or sleeping bag thickness. Also on site, everything went smoothly. We always had a contact person for everything and could spontaneously adapt the itinerary to any circumstances. The tour itself was a unique experience that should not be missed. Guide and Porters were very friendly and despite the (partially existing) language barrier, it was more of a friendly relationship than a staff -client relationship. I can really recommend going that trek!!! I would always travel with Chalo Travels again  🙂

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Backpacker Trip: Very good organization and wonderful impressions

    Von From Renate, 20.05.2018

    I found Chalo Travels by accident after a long search on the Internet. All the other providers were either too boring and touristy or simply too expensive for me. I can say that I landed a lucky hit with Sarah. Sarah has organized everything wonderfully and has also responded to our individual wishes. So I was able to enjoy the round trip and didn't have to deal with bookings, itineraries and guides. The communication with Sarah was uncomplicated and fast. Our 23-day round trip was very varied, exciting and sometimes challenging because then not everything worked out as planned. (My slogan for India: Expect the unexpected). Sarah, however, had prepared us well and was always available when we had an emergency. As women travelling alone, we were initially a little sceptical as to whether a trip to India was really the right thing for us. Honestly, I've already wondered, whether I will manage. The noise, the dirt, the many people and all the poverty. However, through the 5-day introduction with Sarah, we were able to gain a lot of experience and were then ready to discover India on our own. In my opinion, we have discovered many facets of India in the 23 days. We celebrated a colourful Holi in Delhi, discovered not only spiritual things in the ashram, rode camels through the desert in Osian and filled our belly in Jodphur with home-cooked full. We have admired with big eyes the Red Fort and Jodphur and the Taj Mahal in Agra. Varanasi surprised us positively and we ran our feet sore in Kolkatta. In Kerala we let the sunshine on our bellies for relaxation. I have taken home many fond memories and can highly recommend Chalo Travels. Thank you Sarah for the beautiful journey and your commitment.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Backpacker Trip: India in all its Facets

    Von From Gabbi, 05.05.2018

    The trip was a great wish of mine, combined with many expectations and a little scepticism. India can be traveled unplanned. It should already have hands and feet. My expectations were exceeded and my scepticism proved superfluous. The trip was so incredibly well planned, that I would like to book another trip via Sarah as soon as possible. Sarah gave in the first 5 days of the trip a kind of "introduction" after that one felt much more comfortable. She could also be reached by phone at any time afterwards. The 23 days were so well matched that we could experience 2/3 of India in a very short time. India in all its facets. Our accommodations were only good to very good. At every place, we had a guide that took us to places and events. Looking back, I still can't believe I've experienced so much in 23 days. I don't know where to start telling about the trip. Booking a trip through Chalo Travels is definitely worthwhile and I will definitely do it again in a timely manner ♥ Thank you Sarah for your many additional tips and recommendations during our trip and especially for your ear regarding the many questions before the trip. I do miss India ♥

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Active North India Trip

    Von From Andreas, 25.02.2018

    Hello Sarah, thanks again for this great tour! The almost 4 weeks were very full but everything was super organized. And thank you for always listening to our questions during our journey. This trip was the first time I booked a well-organized tour. So far, I've always been on my own. And what are the benefits? Quite simply, the daily looking for accommodation falls away, and also the complete transport is organized. In India quite an advantage... And ? I think thanks to Sarah I did a lot of activities that I would never have considered. So I spent three days in an ashram, or enjoyed a cooking class at "locals" in Jodphur.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Family North India Trip: Super organization, wonderful experience

    Von From Christiane, 15.01.2018

    The trip was a wonderful, varied tour of northern India with a "behind-the-scenes" view of India. We were three people, sometimes even five or six. Sarah organized the tickets and planned the itinerary very flexible and competent. We were on the road for a total of three weeks, two of which were organized by Sarah. During the trip, she always kept in touch with us and booked us very nice accommodations. So we always felt like travelling safely. Again and again, we got to know very interesting people, in the ashram in Rishikesh, on the bike sightseeing tour in Delhi or at the amazing cooking course in Jodpur. So the journey has become a touching encounter with the country and certainly not our last trip to India.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Backpacker Trip and Mountain Expedition: Authentic India

    Von From Lena, 13.12.2017

    23 days across India and an incredible expedition to Friendship Peak were an incredible experience and I can only recommend it! 🙂 Sarah is a super competitive person and has organized the trip fantastically. Above all, the trip is not to be compared to a "touri group tour", but is individual and I was allowed to get to know India together with 6 (won) friends. If you want to get to know different places, the Indian culture and history with all its customs, the food culture and the inhabitants with different religions, Chalo-Travels is perfect for you.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    One Week Hamta Pass Trek

    Von From Andrea and Stefan, 25.10.2017

    Hello Sarah, now a whole time has passed since our nice trip in India and we have already arrived back in the normal daily routine. I just wanted to say it was unbelievably great. For me, the trek was the most beautiful part of my trip to India. It was great and organized fantastically by you. Thank you very much. I think we've taken a lot with us;' as you said, a trip to India is not a normal holiday trip. The rest of the India holiday was also very nice and exciting, also the train ride to the Taj Mahal worked out very well. The south was then rather relaxing, which was also very nice. I don't really know how to express myself: it was fantastic and a great life experience. Greetings and until .......

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Great bike tour through Spiti and Ladakh

    Von From Petra, 25.09.2017

    Dear Sarah The trip was amazing, an adventure of the same kind! I have nothing to complain about. How, if you put the "world's best guide" in front of me? We had a great time and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed every moment! The Spiti valley is really beautiful, the homestays were super nice. In the camp later I had much more luxury than expected. I was served tea in the sleeping bag every morning, the tents were already set upon arrival and I had a warm shower every day! This runs under all-inclusive 5-star holidays rather than camping... Madness! And the guys were really amazing 😉 In short, the tour was breathtakingly beautiful. Scenic as well as cultural. It could hardly have been better. I will take so many impressions with me on my onward journey. And I'm also a little proud that I managed all 5 passes 🙂 The only thing that was really hard for me goodbye. I've never been good at it (and far too emotional, I'm just a girl...). That's why it's better to say"see you again!". As you know, you always see yourself twice in life. Greetings (also to my boys) from Delhi, where I am waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. My adventure continues....

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Amazing Manali Leh Highway

    Von From Markus, 06.09.2017

    Julee "India by bike" a really great experience. 2 days exploring Delhi on foot, by tuk tuk and by bike; indescribable impressions. Then 9 days on the Manali-Leh-Highway with the mountain bike: Simply awesome, breath-taking experience. Super travel organization (Sarah), top-notch guide (Jogi), great food team. Predicate: Recommended. Greeting

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Himalaya Trek in India: Hamta Pass

    Von From Matthias and Jannik, 13.07.2017

    Hello dear Sarah Yes the everyday life has us back again but the great impressions remain The trek was a lot of fun and we met great people. Would be happy if we stay in touch Thank you for everything you are a great team Greetings to all

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Short Stopover in India with Day Trip to the Taj Mahal

    Von From Susanne, 17.05.2017

    I went to India for 2 nights to see the Taj Mahal. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, weeks before my arrival I contacted Sarah to ask her, if she has any tips for a tour/guide for me. That was the best thing that could happen to me. The correspondence with Sarah was super fast and above all totally uncomplicated. Well before I arrived, she had booked everything and informed about every step beforehand. I felt excellently cared for. Unfortunately Sarah didn't have time to accompany me. So I had her good friend Noor by my side. I must say that I had more the impression of having a good friend by my side. It was a fantastic day, thanks Sarah for the organization and thanks Noor for the time together. If I spend more time in India at some point, I will definitely contact Sarah. A thousand thanks for everything!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    India Trip for First Timers

    Von From Susanne, 16.01.2017

    Alone as a woman in India? Definitely - but maybe it doesn't have to be the plunge into the cold water. That's why Sarah from Chalo Travels accompanied me for my first week in India. From Delhi we drove to Haridwar and Rishikesh, from there on to Dharamsala. Having Sarah by the side was not only fun and the traveling well organized, but it was also exciting to see how India works. She knows her way around very well and gave me many good tips for my further trip. Together we had a great time in the ashram and with yoga! And last but not least, she helped me organize my ongoing India Trip- Giving Advice, booking trains etc. Thank you so much!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    10 Days India: Himalaya Trek, Taj Mahal, Ashram Life, Desert Tour and so much more...

    Von From Gracy, 28.12.2016

    Dear Sarah, I went through the pictures of my India trip today and can only say: THANK YOU!!! It was a wonderful holiday and I miss the time with you. And above all thank you for inflaming the love of the mountains in me. When I see the pictures of the Himalayas, I just feel longing(...)! Sarah was my guide for my 12-day trip across India. She was able to combine and realize my different destination wishes so perfectly. The planning went smoothly. So went the wonderful holiday. Sarah is great in everything: as a guide for a Himalayan trek she is recommended, as a great organizer she was looking for top connections for our routes, as well as good rooms and she, also taught me Yoga. Everything went so smoothly!! I had a lot of fun with Sarah. Be it in the ashram, in the mountains, in the desert or while sightseeing. She was the perfect guide for me. She has always responded to my needs, liked to share her knowledge of Indian culture and, above all, I have always felt safe with her. Sarah, thank you for the wonderful and unique time in India and I love to recommend you very much.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Golden Triangle and Hamta Pass Trek and Leh

    Von From Anja, 05.09.2016

    I've been to India a few times and wanted to share my love for the country with my parents. It should be an active holiday, with some culture to get to know the country and its people. Sarah organized the whole trip perfectly. During the first days of sightseeing, we had a German-speaking tour guide in Delhi, Jaipur and Agra incl. Taj Mahal. By bus we went overnight to the mountains to Manali. We spent the day in the area. The hot springs and the delicious Tibetan food in Vashisht are highly recommended. Now the highlight of the trip began: the Hamta Pass Trek followed by a jeep tour to Leh in Ladakh. The Hamta Pass Trek is probably one of the most beautiful and varied treks in the area. Our German and English-speaking guides were excellent! A personal highlight was our little Momo cooking class with the team in the evening after the day hike. After the trek we drove by jeeps over the Chandratal to Leh. Leh is beautiful and with its numerous cultural offerings absolutely worth a trip. We had a great time thanks to the excellent organization of Sarah. my parents were thrilled and I have already planned my next trip to India - organized of course by Chalo! Travels.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    "From A for Ashram to Z for Zipline" Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in an Ashram in Rajasthan

    Von From Kathrin, 24.05.2016

    Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Rajasthan Now our holiday is already a few weeks back, but I would like to describe here some impressions of our wonderful trip to India. This time the holiday was primarily for relaxation and I also wanted to deepen my yoga practice. That's why the ashram in Rajasthan was just the right choice. After traveling through Kerala with Sarah in 2013, it was clear for me, that she was eligible for the organization of the trip. A decision I don't regret, it was all exactly as I had hoped. The ashram has very nice guest rooms and we had really nice personal caregivers. A planned schedule structured the days. The very early yoga class (6.00 am) may seem inappropriate for a holiday, but it wasn't a problem for me. The air was so clear and it was just great to welcome the rising sun from the yoga terrace. If you like Indian food, you could visit the Ashram only for the food. The ashram vegetable garden offers unsurpassed freshness, from which the chef conjures up absolutely delicious food. The yoga classes were very varied and suitable for the time of day in the morning more sporty and in the afternoon a little more meditative. Different yoga teachers and styles provided many new experiences. We were also lucky enough to experience the Holi festival, it was a fun and colorful affair. At the weekend Sarah took us to the desert. After the camel ride a beautiful evening followed with music and dances by the fire.  The camp had tents with luxury baths, I haven't experienced anything like this before. Sunday offered a special highlight in Jodhpur: After some doubt whether we will survive this, we decided for the zipline tour... and it was a crazy experience so high in the air only hanging on a wire rope to fly over the gorges. After another week of wonderful Ayurvedic treatments and yoga classes, we were able to start back home fully charged. But before we sat down in Mumbai on the plane, we took another day to marvel at this gigantic metropolis. Due to the heat, however, a city tour with short stops at the main sights and a short shopping for a few gifts were enough for us. For our Indian farewell dinner Sarah took us back to a great restaurant. Travelling is also so nice with her, because she knows the country and its people and you really don't travel as touristically, but individually and adapt the trip to your own interests. Thank you dear Sarah, it was great with you again!

    1 / 5 SterneStars

    Travelling through Kerala with Sarah

    Von From Lea, 25.02.2016

    I can't believe it was only about a month ago that I sat on the beach in Allapuzha and enjoyed the sun. Everyday life is so quick again. But when I think back to my time in India, I have only beautiful memories. With Sarah I spent two weeks on a varied and multifaceted tour through Kerala. The wonderful mix of yoga, relaxation and lounging on a houseboat and the activies with the treks through the Munnar tea plantations or the Periyar National Park made my stay in Kerala a really great holiday. Sarah is a wonderful travel guide! Everything was well organized and if there were any difficulties, she cleared it out of the way quickly. In addition, you can have a great conversation with her and her relaxed and uncomplicated way of travelling, makes travelling with her really very pleasant. I particularly liked the fact that Sarah tried to make my stay in Kerala as authentic as possible. Staying in the so-called Homestays, i.e. with local families, not only mad eme try wonderful meals, but also gave me the opportunity to get to know Indian life a little better. I highly recommend Chalo Travels and will definitely pick Sarah again on my next trip to India 🙂 Thank you, Sarah, for a really great time!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Family Bicycle tour in India - Kerala

    Von From Elisabeth, 26.01.2016

    Our family and many friends declared us crazy when we announced our plan to spend this year's Christmas holidays cycling in India. Even Indians warned us against such a tour: "You'll risk your life!" But our adventurous spirit and the confidence in Sarah, who had organized the tour for us, were greater. So we - parents and five children between the ages of 10 and 18 - started from Hamburg via Dubai to Kochi just before Christmas. The tour took us from the coast in 14 days up into the mountains and over the backwaters back to the coast. The sporting demands of the tour were high, so that we were soon happy to always have an accompanying bus at our side. Not everyone is made for mountain stages line in the Tour de France...! It was our expressed desire to experience India as authentically as possible, not a soft-washed tour with luxury hotels and Western European service, but real Indian experiences. This requirement certainly cursed one or the other family member during the journey, but the experiences and experiences we were allowed to have were great and speak for themselves. A bike tour is always a great way to get to know the country and people with all the positive and negative sides. And our three companions Sarah, Jogi and Pinku were great. They all had a good connection for our children and also looked after them, which made us parents very relaxed. We are full of admiration for Sarah, who has given very clear instructions to Indians in this male-dominated world. And it always worked– even if the plan had to be overturned again because of unforeseen events. Everything has really been done to make our journey a success. Even if the joy of returning to Germany was great, the journey has left its mark. In fact, preparations are already underway for a trekking tour in the Himalayas with Sarah, Jogi and Pinku.

    / SterneStars

    4 Weeks Private India Trip

    Von From Jana, 04.12.2015

    Chalo India! On a July morning, very early and already pleasantly warm, my mother and I shouldered our backpacks, let the view wander through the room again - no, no more important travel utensils lay around:  We could start. In front of us was the street in a small Bavarian town where the bus took us to the airport. We had a 12-hour flight ahead of us to Delhi -And then of course four weeks of vacation and a trip across India. With Sarah von Chalo-Travels we had landed a hit! Beforehand, we tinkered and planned the implementation of our trip, whereby Sarah always responded to all our ideas and provided us with good ideas and plans. When you dream about India in German February days and pictures of women in colorful saris, old temples, spice markets, palm beaches and mountain tours rise in front of the inner eye, Sarah knows the right places where these dreams can come true. This is a great advantage over a self-organized trip: because Sarah herself travels a lot in India she can give great recommendations and enthusiastically shows the beauties of India. For us, we went from Delhi via the golden triangle - Delhi-Agra-Jaipur - to the most romantic city in India, Udaipur, which also visited James Bond in the 1980s in "Octopussy". Then, after two-night train rides, we changed the means of transport and climbed onto the backs of camels, on which we rocked through the Rajasthan's desert. In the yoga Ahsram  we were allowed to spend wonderful days with friends of Sarah. Via Delhi we travelled to the Himalayas - the landscape changed completely. The heat, noise, and crowds of streets in Rajasthan's cities gave way to the vastness and freedom of the Himalayas. Until then, we agreed: our heads and eyes simply couldn't move fast enough to absorb everything that was wonderful and miraculous, which was new and alien and exciting for us. The trek that took us over the 4270 m high Hamta Pass over five days was a welcome rest  for the mind, now the body was allowed to work. So we walked through the Himalayas, enjoyed the peace on the trek on which we only met a shepherd with his herd of sheep and let the views wander over the snow-capped peaks of the mountains around us. The team was great, the guides experienced and very nice and we all had a lot of fun. After a beautiful finish at a mountain lake, the paths of the trek participants separated. Our next stop was Leh, where we drove to by jeep over the Manali-Leh Highway and passed some 5000 m high passes. Leh lured us with his surroundings and especially with the Buddhist monasteries all around. After wonderful days with delicious food, great yoga lessons and sightseeing, the last stop of our journey approached. We flew over the Himalayas to Kerala -South India, to spend the last days of our journey on a dream beach under palm trees. Our round trip brought us closer to so many different sides of India and enriched us with so many experiences, the organization of the trip and the tips and hints we got "on top" by Sarah von Chalo Travels were terrific. Add to that, the many uncertainties when you're not 100% familiar with the country's habits - a quick check with Sarah and we always felt safe. Can women travel alone? How strenuous is the long bus ride? Can we eat here? The common opinion in India is: It's no problem, Mam. But you save some hardships if you have an idea of what you're getting involved in. Sarah knows the ideas and habits of her fellow travellers and also knows the Indian habits and can, therefore, interpret perfectly in the uncertainties as a traveller in a foreign country. Our trip to India will reverberate for a long time, in the onset of the cold winter we dream ourselves back to Kerala's dream beaches and the heating climbs and the hot springs in Manali. We have had so many memories and experiences that my mother and I say at some point in many of our phone calls, "Do you remember, the goats at the fruit market who stole bananas?" Or "Do you remember, the man who wanted to brush us the ears at Connaught Place?" or "Do you remember the procession of the many disguised children on Krishna's birthday?" "The world's tastiest Tibetan soup?" "The canoe trip on the backwaters?" "The Citybike Tour through the Monsoon?" ... And we can recommend with all our hearts: On to India with Chalo Travels!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Private Backpacker Trip: Two beautiful and eventful weeks

    Von From Jeremi, 26.11.2015

    We like to remember our two totally exciting weeks in India. These have been great weeks that will be remembered for a long time. We did not visit the country as a "European tourist" on the trip, we were able to experience the country in its cultural breadth. From Delhi with a meal in the temple to the tranquillity of the Himalayas. We were always active, either on a camel through the desert, during yoga or by trekking in the mountains. The trek was the highlight: the vastness of the Himalayas, the seclusion, the landscape, the crossing of the pass – unforgettable experiences! We could experience the religious diversity in the different temples and an ashram. But it was not only the country as such that we could feel in its diversity but also the diversity of the senses of taste. Whether it was a chai tea, Dahl in a variety of variations, meat preparations or delicious Indian desserts, it was just madness. The trip went well, Sarah almost always made our wishes possible and was the perfect contact for all questions. Thank you very much!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Starter Package India with Himalaya Trek - Always again!

    Von From Lisa, 07.10.2015

    I don't know how chaotic my one-month stay in India would have been without Sarah's help in India. Even though I only saw her about 1 week from the 4 weeks, she was always present. She helped me and my girlfriend with the planning, organizing contacts, accommodation and trips and gave us valuable insider tips. You can tell, that she has been at home in this country for some time and one can fully rely on her. Also, during the Deo-Tibba-Basement-Trek she did a great job as a guide. It was a great, breathtaking, unforgettable journey that I would never want to miss and will most likely come back again: India is great and offers something for everyone!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Deo Tibba Expedition - On Top of 6000 m

    Von From Yvonne, 22.09.2015

    Since me and my friend were looking for a real adventure in the Himalayas, we asked various tour operators for help. In the end, it was Sarah from Chalo Travels who answered us quickly and with a unique idea. A 10-day expedition incl. snow walks and ice climbing. Overwhelmed by this idea we immediately agreed and 2 weeks later and with 3 other guests, who Sarah surprisingly quickly found, it went off to the mountain. Hiking through colorful mountain landscapes for 2 days, then climbing up breathtaking ice walls for 6 days and sleeping next to glaciers and under the clearest starry sky in India. She and her team were incredible, always cheerful and entertaining but also super responsible when things didn't go according to plan, such as the weather. But it wasn't that bad, as we spent time playing fun games and did mountaineering exercises. The food was surprisingly diverse and we always had enough chocolate and cheese in our pockets. After the hardest, but also the most exciting 8 days, we finally reached the Peak Deo Tibba and also the peak of pride about our performance and the great guides we had with us. After 10 days we all returned to the valley healthy and cheerful. I can recommend Chalo Travels to anyone who would like to find out more about the history, culture, yoga, or leisure activities of India. Thank you again for the many fun hours.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Himalaya Trek, Cycling Tour to Leh and Golden Triangle Tour

    Von From Andrea, 22.08.2015

    It should go to India, so much was fixed and the travel time also - June/August - holiday season in Germany and monsoon season in India. After internet research, various inquiries, contact by mail and telephone, it was quickly established: We book with Chalo! Travels: their motto to experience India, was implemented in the truest sense of the word. With Sarah from Chalo! Travels we had found the perfect planner, organizer and travel companion for our great three weeks adventure in India. This was evident on the first day, during a city walk through Old Delhi........ Where to travel as a group of different compositions in India in the middle of the monsoon season? No one needs continuous rain on holiday, floods, Mosquitos. Sarah's suggestion: The Indian Himalayan region of Ladakh - Leh is so high that the rain and mosquitoes have little chance. Sounded good. In addition, one is close to the life, culture and religion of the population in the Indian Himalayan region. A bit of a sporting challenge was also allowed. But the fact that it was supposed to be a mountain bike tour, in which we crossed several mountain passes over 4000m, including the second-highest pass in the world with over 5300 m, was spontaneously only possible for one group member. Nevertheless, we finally booked and realized this tour! For acclimatization, we did smaller tours around the tourist-friendly place Old Manali (approx. 2000 m altitude). A three-day trekking tour to the Khanpari Tibba was already a real challenge at 4130 m, but still beautiful. Break time! The 500 km long tour from Manali to Leh has probably started with different expectations for each one of our group. Nine days we went through the Himalayan mountains, well organized and accompanied by Sarah and team: Jogi our guide and mechanic, Anil, the best cook over 4000 m, Ashok, who took care of many things and welcomed us every morning with hot, tasty chai and Gophal, the oldest porter of Manali, whom probably couldn't shake anything. For the transport, we had two vehicles at our disposal, one for luggage, food and the crew, the other for one or the other weakening mountain bike rider and their bikes. In extreme situations, both vehicles were well occupied, so I had to secure my place in the kitchen crew's vehicle early on. Only our "finisher" Olaf actually covered the whole tour on his bike. But for everyone, it was a good feeling to cross the Indus after 9 days and exhausted but proudly to reach the local sign "Leh" at 3500 m by bike. What a success!!! It was a fantastic experience, which every single group member could enjoy, but also more or less reached his physical and psychological limits. So high up, a lot of things finally reveal and that's a good thing: being at the mercy of nature makes us humble and sometimes we have to learn to rely so much on the help and support of our crew up there. In Leh we relaxed in the sunny weather with good food, enjoyed the landscapes and immersed in Tibetan culture. Finally, the Indian classic Golden Triangle Tour rounded off our India holiday with the Taj Mahal and a stopover in Jaipur. During this tour we traveled comfortably in our own minibus and enjoyed the view of the diverse landscape, with rice fields, water buffaloes, the monkeys, the village hustle and bustle. The highlight in Jaipur was that Sarah had booked "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" for us, to which we might later move our retirement home... In the morning we actually took a bike tour through the chaotic Jaipur as a group - what an experience... and here we actually had it: warm, soft monsoon rains, an unforgettable feeling on my skin, but also suddenly so violent that Jaipur's streets were underwater in no time. Finally, another sign of how good it was to travel during the monsoon - time in the higher regions of the Indian Himalayas. Many thanks to Sarah for this idea and its competent implementation with her great team: it was great with you!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Yoga Trekking in February 2015

    Von From Katja and Erik, 30.04.2015

    We were planning a trip to India in February 2015 and wanted to combine Himalayan trekking with yoga. When searching the Internet, we came across Chalo trips and became aware. Immediately very nice e-mail contact was created and a itinerary was designed according to our wishes. So started our trek in Mcleodganj , where we have our super nice team. Everything was perfectly organized. In the evening the sleeping tents (with thick, warm, cuddly sleeping bags – because at night it was still very cold/ the days pleasantly warm) and the kitchen tent were set up and we were spoiled with freshly prepared delicacies. The atmosphere during the trek was wonderfully positive and very familiar, the food exceptionally good and we enjoyed the inspiring yoga lessons in the morning and evening. The individual day tours were very varied, scenically beautiful and the impressions, gained in the mountain villages, enchanting. The overnight places were well chosen, in the middle of the most beautiful surroundings. After 5 days and a few kilometers in the legs, we reached Mcleodganj again and let the evening end friendly. A big thank you to Sarah (who also clarified all travel-specific questions promptly in advance and even provided us with all the inner-Indian train tickets) to Jogi and Pinku and Ashok for the lively escort and the great time as well as to the mules who transported our luggage. It was an unforgettable experience with you, gladly again, next time then from Manali.

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Our "Incredible (North) India" Trip

    Von From Anke and Manu, 24.09.2014

    In August 2014 we got to know the indescribable India. It seemed like a little trip around the world. Our 15-day program took us via Delhi, Agra, Manali, Hampta Pass and Chandra Taal Lake to Leh. The trip was arranged for us individually by Chalo Travels and well organized in advance. Our journey began in Berlin, and after our flight, through the time zones we were able to sleep in hot Delhi at 3 am. On the first morning, a taxi sightseeing tour was planned. Unfortunately, you can't get to know Delhi in one day. However, we have been able to visit the most interesting things, such as the India Gate, Raj Ghat, Qutub Minar and Birla Mandir. A good lunch and a small shopping tour rounded off the incredibly impressive day. The next day we had a tight program ahead of us. At sunrise we drove 3.5 h to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal for about an hour. In the evening we had to get our bus from Delhi to Manali. But what do you not do to visit such a well-known and dreamlike building. Immediately afterwards, a 16-hour bus ride through the night awaited us. The ride was tolerable - we had imagined it worse. Arriving in Manali, we moved into our quarters and then explored the area. We were particularly impressed by the forest between Old and New Manali. On the second day we did a Bike tour towards Solang Valley. It is a rather strenuous bike ride of two hours, if you are not used to it. The third day did not leave many possibilities open to us, because the weather was very changeable and we finally got a strong monsoon rain in the afternoon. We walked to the Hadimba Temple to New Manali and actually wanted to go on to the Vaschisht Waterfall. Unfortunately, the "Monsoon Waterfall", which turned the streets into a river, has made a dent in our bill. But a hairdresser was so nice and gave us shelter before we made our way home in a motor rikshaw. Luckily, this was the only "bad weather day" of the entire trip. And it was the middle of Monun Time! We used our last day in Manali for climbing in bright sunshine. There we already met our two new Indian friends and our friendly guide for the Hampta Pass Trek. After four hours we finished the climbing tired, but happy. In Manali we found some beautiful restaurants where we liked to stay and could eat very well. We spent a lot of time in the common office of Chalo-Travels and Himalayan Trails – for chatting, drinking tea and simply enjoying. After the eventful and varied days in Manali, four days of trekking and a jeep ride to Lake Chandra Taal were planned. So we and  our three "friends" started the tour. The trek was the perfect mix of effort, fun, indescribable natural impressions, always fresh and varied food and interesting conversations about our different cultures. On the way to the first camp, the landscape along the rivers was already very beautiful. This beauty increased from day to day. Through the springwater, we always had enough to drink. Arriving in Chhatru, the destination of the trekking tour, we got into the jeep, which took us in 3 hours on the worst road to the Chandra Taal Lake about 40 km away. For a long time, we could enjoy the beauty of the lake before sunset. The last time we enjoyed the "camp food". The next morning we went fo an ice-cold swim in the lake. Now the jeep trip to Leh began. On the way to Gramphu we took a involuntary break, as boulders blocked the road and they had to be blown away. In Gramphu we said goodbye to our new friends and continued with our driver to Leh. About 8 hours we drove, accompanied by Indian music, to our stopover Sarchu. The next morning we went on to Leh for about 8 more hours. The landscapes of the previous day were topped again. It is astonishing how these can change fundamentally in a short time: washed-out valleys, then red mountains, later grey gorges, red-brown rock layers of the earth's crust, washed-out areas like in the Grand Canyon and suddenly desert with a very good road. After crossing the Tanglang La, the second highest pass in the world at 5,317 meters altitude, we finally reached Leh Ladakh. The 2.5 days in Leh we let go quietly. In addition to a stroll through the city, we climbed to Leh Palace, Tsemo Castle and the many steps to Shanti Stupa. We always ended the evenings in a cozy restaurant. The next morning we went by plane from Leh back to Delhi. With cloudless skies we were able to enjoy the great views again and finally say goodbye to the Himalayas. All in all, it was an incredible trip to India! - A journey full of contrasts, especially with regard to the most diverse cultural and religious circles (Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism) and the landscapes (city life, the green Himalayas to the desert landscape). Only those who travel to India can understand what and how much you can experience in such a short time! We still rave about the delicious food, so we've already started to cook some dishes. Many thanks to Chalo-Travels for this exemplary, flexible and smooth planning!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Brighu Lake Trek

    Von From Philip, 21.09.2014

    After my two-month internship in Bangalore, I wanted to get to know something from the north of India. Other interns had told me about the possibility of trekking in the Himalayas. Since I like to travel in nature and at the end of my stay in India I wanted some variety to the Indian cities, I decided to do a trekking tour. After my internship, I only had one week until I had to return to Germany, so it was difficult to find a suitable tour. Most of the tours offered on the Internet were intended for long periods of time. Finally, I came across the Chalo Travels website! Trips, on which shorter tours were also offered. After my request, Sarah took care of everything else: the organization of the trek, the bus ride from Delhi to Manali and the accommodation in a guest house in Manali. All I had to do was to take care of my flight to Delhi. In Manali Sarah was already waiting for me in her office in Old-Manali. I stayed in a guesthouse nearby and spent another night there. The next day the trekking tour began. We drove in a jeep to our starting point, from there we set off. The heavy luggage, such as the tents, was carried by horses, so we only had to take a small day backpack with us. Arriving at the camp, Sarah showed me how to set up the tents. Unfortunately, it had started to rain, but in the kitchen tent, there was hot tea and coffee and an excellent dinner. The breakfast was also great. There were porridge and pancakes, among other things. On the second day we reached the destination of our three-day trek, the approximately 4300m high Bhrigu Lake. From there we had a breathtaking view of the surrounding six-thousand-metre peaks. On the last day of the trek we went downhill to Vashist, a small town where there are hot springs. From there I went back to Manali, where I spent another day before returning to Germany. The trekking tour was certainly one of the highlights of my stay in India. I can only recommend everyone to take such a tour. At this point again a big thank you to Sarah! She organized the tour top, with a mixture of Indian simplicity and German reliability, so that I could really enjoy my stay in the Himalayas!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Bicycle tour from Manali to Leh - On the roof of the world

    Von From Joanna, 26.04.2014

    With my boyfriend I took part in the Manali-Leh Highway trip in the summer of 2013!  During the nine-day trip we covered 477 km, crossed five mountain passes, 2 of them over 5000 m and reached a maximum height of 5317 m. But these are just the facts that cannot fully reflect this unique experience! The mix of physical challenge, a beautiful, constantly changing mountain landscape and a great team of great people made the tour unforgettable! Our bikes were mountain bikes of the brand Trek 3700 and in perfect condition. In addition, we had a bicycle mechanic with us, who had quickly put his hand on our wheels in case of minor problems and so we could continue on without much delay into the rough mountain world of the Indian Himalayas. Every day we were well strengthened by our chef and his assistant and often there was more than we could eat. Our favorite was the tasty and authentic Indian food with lentils, vegetables, rice, salad and Indian flatbread for dinner. But we were also happy about small changes such as Chinese or even noodles. Our lunchbox was always well filled and always had a surprise in store! With the whole team, especially with our English-speaking guide Jogi and our German-speaking companion Sarah, we got along very well and always had a lot of fun cooking together every evening. Thank you for this unforgettable experience! We'll be back!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Private 3 Weeks India Trip

    Von From Robert, 06.04.2014

    Not the first time Asia, but the first time India was on my itinerary for March 2014. Armed with a guide, a healthy dose of excitement, a lot of curiosity and the knowledge to be in good hands of Chalo! Travels I started my three-week Tour de India. The holiday was meant as a backpacking holiday, so we only stayed at the same place for a few days. We started in Mumbai, then on to the coast south to Goa and then inland via Hampi, the Bandipur National Park and to the north to the classics Delhi and Agra with the Taj Mahal. Talking about individual experiences would be unfair to the experiences I wouldn't mention because I experienced three weeks of variety, surprises and so many new things that fascinated me. The commonality must be named in one word: Chalo! Travels. Even before my trip started, I was able to express my wishes, which were fully incorporated into the travel planning and were fulfilled. Be it to see the Taj Mahal, to get in touch with the people of India, to get an insight into the culture and above all to eat the delicious food :). I was able to profit from the experiences Sarah has already made with this country in order to get to know the real India! And also in terms of the hotels, hostels and trips from A to B, which have been completely organized, I can award 5 stars with a clear conscience! If you are looking for a holiday with activities such as climbing, cycling and much more, you can take a look at the Chalo! Travels offers, as well as if you want to focus more on culture and sightseeing. Chalo! Travels will create the right package tour. My next trip to India will come because I haven't seen much of the north. Thank you for the wonderful first trip!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    3 students --> 5 weeks India

    Von From Kevin, 04.04.2014

    During my semester holidays (August – September 2013) I spontaneously decided to spend 5 weeks in India with 2 friends. Due to the exams, we didn't have much time to plan the trip and also not really had an idea of which places we could visit in India, in order to get the best possible insight into the culture and landscape of India on the one hand, but also to have a good mix of activity, experience and recreation. Luckily we came across Sarah von Chalo! Travels that perfectly organized our stay in India and developed a well-stocked tour plan! We only took care of the return flight. The fact that she welcomed us at the airport in Delhi, took us to a cheap and well-located hotel and accompanied us during the first half of our trip made it much easier for us to get started in India. So we had a smooth stay in India and learned important behaviors and valuable tips directly from Sarah, who has been living in India for several years and thus brought us into contact with locals with whom we quickly made friends and were able to experience the Indian culture up close. The highlight during our trip was certainly the five-day trekking tour over the Hamta Pass up to 4000m with a trip to the beautiful Chandratal lake, a crescent-shaped lake in the middle of the high mountain landscape of the Himalayas. This tour was the perfect mix of freedom, fun, nature and physical exertion. Sarah had organized everything perfectly so that heavy luggage was transported by horses, all the equipment was provided including tents and sleeping bags, a chef prepared the best food in the kitchen tent and a fun group of people around. But also the up- & downhill mountain bike tours from Manali, the camel safari with a night in the open air in the Tharr desert, as well as the visit of the Taj Mahal in Agra, were unforgettable moments of my trip to India, which went smoothly thanks to Sarah and were available at the best conditions. After 3 weeks with Sarah, we went on our own to south India to the state of Kerala. Here the relaxed sandy beach and relaxation part of our trip has been realized. At the chilly beach resort of Varkala you could enjoy the best fish dishes, get to know many international travelers, go surfing and go on excursions to the backwaters. As our visit fell into low season, hotels were available at the best prices. I'm really grateful for Sarah's great organization and I can say, that a trip with Chalo! Travels is highly recommended to experience an unforgettable time in India. Let's go!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    Across India

    Von From Franzi, 22.03.2014

    Again I return from a unique journey through India to hectic Germany. Every time, the country captivates me with its breathtaking beauty and many Indian quirks. My top ten list of moments I've had: 1. Bike tour through the Greek-looking Hampi and the surrounding villages 2. Shopping at the Mysore market 3. Climbing in the world's largest bouldering area 4. Ascent to Triund through rhododendron trees and snow 5. Train ride across India with Standing at open doors 6. Bathing in the Ganges 7. Momo cooking Course in Dharamsala 8. Dusk at the Monkey Temple 9. Elephant Safari in Bhandipur National Park 10.Holi Festival in Delhi Considering that I only had a short month, the richness of my experiences is both impressive and frightening - I can't believe how much I've traveled. I spent endless hours on airplane, bus, train, rickshaw, boat and on foot - shouldering my 13 kg Backpack - to cross the subcontinent once. I never had to worry about my safety, good food, clean accommodation or fun activities and travel options. I got to know India from a relaxed side, which gave me even some time for relaxation in crazy India-Land. If you want to immerse yourself even more in Indian life, I recommend taking some space and planning independent actions. Otherwise, Chalo! Travels is one of the best ways to experience India in all its beauty. With a strengthened intestinal flora, happy and full of beautiful memories, I say goodbye!

    5 / 5 SterneStars

    3 Weeks Across India Trip

    Von From Markus, 08.03.2014

    Looking back, I'm just glad to have embarked on the adventure to India. This country manages to forget everyday life in Germany and conquer new horizons. Of course, India is also a great unknown at first, and you know, of course, that you are in a country that is as much an emerging economy as a place of poverty. This makes it all the more important to receive professional support and advice. Someone who brings you closer to the country and its many people. And that's exactly what Sarah and Chalo! Travels did!  She planned our trip extremely professionally, managed to unite various individual interests and conveyed a lot of interesting facts about the country and its many people and held many insider tips. Now specifically to our journey. After Sarah received us at the airport, we were able to get first impressions of this fascinating country during a short tour through Dehli. Afterwards, we headed north to the wonderful Manali. The highlight was a 4-day trek over 4,000 m high Hamta Pass, in addition to various sporting activities. Untouched nature, magnificent landscapes and just pure adventure ... This was certainly one, if not the highlight of the entire trip. Afterwards, we went across the country to the desert of Rajasthan on a 2-day camel safari. From that point on, we were perfectly prepared to explore the country alone in the group for another two weeks. We went to the cities of Agra and Jaipur and finished the trip in the south in Kerala. India was really awesome, it was something completely different. Of course, there will also be moments and scenes that cannot be compared to Germany, but these experiences let one grow and learn to appreciate the conditions in our home, but also to reconsider a lot. So all your high-potentials, global players and key performers - also make these experiences and discover this fascinating country 😀 And best way doing it is with Sarah and Chalo! Travels

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