Experience Indian Cities through guided bike sightseeing tours

What once started in Delhi with the agency “Delhibycycle” is now offered in various Indian cities: Guided bike tours, usually in the early morning hours for about 2 to 3 hours in length, often with included snacks or even a breakfast.

Anyone who knows me and my travels, knows that I like to incorporate many activities into my travels and so of course I am always interested in well-made guided bicycle city tours.

In the meantime I have bike tours in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Jodhpur in the program. No matter in which city, these tours provide some excitement and usually give very special insights into the Indian city life.

After all, for 2- 3 hours you become a part of the city and participate very actively in the ongoing city life..

The fact that most bike rides take place early in the morning has natural reasons. On the one hand, the traffic is not so crazy, but almost paralyzed. But caution is still called for! It is important to stay on the left side, have good responsiveness, a certain assertiveness, as well as to use the bell vigorously!

On the other hand, you also escape the heat of India in the early mornings. Another crucial advantage is that many Indian activities such as the trade at markets, visiting temples or the yoga class in the park often take place in the morning and you can experience a lot of Indian life.

Below I give a brief summary of the various bike sightseeing tours in the four cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Jodhpur.


Bicycle tour through Old Delhi

Organizer: Delhibycycle

Time: Morning tours and also some tours in the afternoon

Duration: about 3.5 hours

Includes: water, snacks, tea and breakfast

Bicycle: in very good condition

Price 1850 rs

Jack, a Dutchman, launched Delhibycycle years ago, closing a tourist gap.

The most popular tours are the Shah Jahan and Yamuna tours in the sprawling Old Delhi, but tours are also offered in New Delhi.

Sightseeing on the bike through Delhi

I myself took part in the “Shah Jahan Tour”. The tour starts immediately with a shock experience: in the Muslim old town you go right through the bloody meat market. Continue past the beautiful Havelis,, always through narrow streets to the famous Chandni Chowk. Here you have a view of the Red Fort and the most diverse temples. The spice market is visited with a nice viewpoint. Afterwards, there is a chai stop in a slightly quieter corner, before going through the hustle and bustle for breakfast. Guests can enjoy a hearty goat meat curry at the famous Nizam Restaurant. The vegetarian alternative is a vegetable curry- both quite accustomed breakfasts for the Western traveller.

Conclusion: The tour is very professionally designed with excellent guides, good planning and implementation and you learn a lot.


Organizer: Cyclin’Jaipur

Time: Morning Tours

Duration: about 3.5 hours

Includes: water, snacks, tea and breakfast

Bicycle: in good condition

Price: 1850 rs

Two Frenchwomen started their bike tours in Jaipur and adhered quite strongly to the concept of the Dutchman in Delhi. The only difference is that the bikes are not 🙂 in orange, but in pink. After all, it goes through the “Pink City”.

No, joke aside, in fact the girls have developed great tours. So there is not only a classic tour, where you cycle to the main sights, but also a tour in which you ride out of the actual city center and a more sporty tour to the Amber Fort.

My personal favorite is the “Pink Insight Tour”. Here you cycle away from the sights and into the life of the people: markets, candy shops, working-class quarters a temple and a park are on the program. In between, there is a Rajasthani breakfast with a Indian family. Very interesting.

Conclusion: Super professional, super interesting and really fun


Organizer: Agrabybike

Time: Possible at any time, but best in the afternoon

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours, very flexible if desired

Included: water, tea

Bicycle: very Indian bicycles

Price 2000 rs

Apperantly in Agra you can charge a bit more for everthing- also for a tour on rusty bikes. But if you take the fact that the brakes don’t work with humour and Indian composure, you can experience a lot on this tour!

The concept is different from the previous two tours: instead of going to the city, you drive out of the city and that goes surprisingly fast. Once around the corner and you are already in the middle of the country and ride through small villages. Children wave cheerfully from everywhere, women stand in the fields and the men meet you on their scooters.

The tour program is quite flexible and you can experience what is happening in the moment with the spontaneous guide: a visit to school, tea drinking with a family, petting cows or admiring the harvest of the farmers.

But one highlight is the same for every tour: the organizer knows a secret vantage point on the Taj Mahal. And in fact, not everyone is allowed on the private property and so you can enjoy the view of the Taj Mahal over the Yamuna River at sunset. What a beautiful view.

Conclusion: Agra is noisy, strenuous and everyone wants your money. The bike tour, on the other hand, shows you a friendly rural environment, brings you into contact with the people and you get to know their simple life quite authentically. And of course, if you’re already in Agra, it’s great to be able to admire the Taj Mahal a second time!


Organizer: Kingsretreat

Time: Morning Tour

Duration: about 2 hours

Includes: water, tea, juice, Indian candy

Bicycle: Condition ok

Price: 750 rs

The cheapest tour and also somehow the most unprofessional, but by no means worse or less interesting than the others. On the contrary, the tour seems somehow refreshing and the bike tour can simply point that Jodhpur has so, so, so much more to offer than just a few blue houses and the fort. Both are great though :).

Honestly: The tour surprised me really positively. I’ve been to Jodhpur many times and have come to corners I’ve never been before this tour!

Great temples, small tea and sweet shops, old water basins, narrow streets, markets and a sex temple.

This tour is a varied mixture of historical highlights coupled with real Indian city life! Great! But beware: the bike ride in Jodhpur seemed to me to be the most delicate of all. Through the very narrow streets, some passing tuktuks or mopeds come dangerously close.

Conclusion: Experience a lot for little money. Jodhpur has so much to offer and on this tour you will come to places you wouldn’t get to without a guide.

And finally:

My recommendation: Do it, trust yourself! Swing your wheels and experience the Indian cities! This is how you get the most and best out of the cities.

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