Mountain Biking Tour and Race: Manali-Keylong- Manali

Three days of intensive mountain biking in the high mountain desert of Lahaul Keylong is the district capital of the beautiful high mountain valley of Lahaul. The name “capital” is somewhat exaggerated. Locals even call Keylong a village. I would call it a small town. The name Keylong derives from the Keylong towering snow-capped “killing […]

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Mountain biking and India? What’s happening on the Indian subcontinent

Shimla, once part of the Nepalese kingdom, later summer capital of the British and now university town and mountain bike stronghold! The queen of the so-called Indian Hillstations is the capital of the mountain state Himachal Pradesh and is located at 2100 meters above sea level on a ridge in the foothills of the Himalayas. […]

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The Hell Race in Bir

Well, for me the so-called mountain bike “Hell Race” was more of a heavenly race: great track, beautiful nature, no fall, nice people and the first place in the women’s category! What more could I ask for? The one-day race took place in the Dhauladhar mountain range between the two tourist resorts of Manali and […]

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Cross Country Mountain Biking Race in Manali

The organized “Himalayan Trails and Dust Mountainbiking Challange” has been running every year for five years and I managed to participate at all, besides last year. The level of the race has improved significantly over the last five years. Of course cows still run infront of the bike and  I was the only female participant […]

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