India Active Travel: Kerala vs. Rajasthan

Multi Aktive Trip Kerala

The Multi Active Trip in Kerala is created for an active holiday: mountains, sea, the backwaters and lots of greenery in the form of national parks, primeval forests, spice and tea plantations.

The variety of landscapes in Kerala invites you to be active: be it cycling over small roads that meander up the west ghats, on up to several days of hikes through tea, spices and national parks, while kayaking through the small branched canals of the backwaters or while swimming by the sea or yoga on the beach.

In Kerala’s lowlands it is warm and humid all year round and so you can  have a noce sweat while kayaking and cycling. Only up in the backwaters the temperatures become a little milder, but here too one or the other drop of sweat can form, if it goes uphill, downhill by bike through the tea plantations or on foot up to the second highest mountain Keralas, the Meesapulimala at 2640 m.

But the wonderful landscape, the great views, the many discoveries and encounters compensate for these physical efforts. In addition, it does not hurt to have burned some calories before the delicious keralan meals. Then the delicious coconut-based curries, the fried little bananas and the tasty masala chai digest much better.

During the 2 day hiking tours through the Western Ghats, the nights are spend in a beautiful fixed camp, where the camp’s own cook takes care of the physical well-being and serves up properly!

When hiking through small villages, one can only guess the real traditional life in Kerala, the green of the tea is experienced particularly intensively during a bicycle tour and on the small paths of the hikes one passes directly past cardamom, pepper and co.

If you paddle through the small canals of the backwaters, you can watch the women washing clothes and the men diving in the shell, while small children in school uniforms walk and wave next to you.

Multi Active Trip Rajasthan

Rajasthan can also be actively experienced, albeit in a slightly different way than in Kerala.

In Kerala, the activities are mainly used for cultural and scenic experiences. Nevertheless, it can be described as a real sport.

In Rajasthan, on the other hand, the activities are a little softer. Here, too, there is a three-day bike tour. But although it goes partly through the Aravali mountains, the stages on the bike are a little gentler with many interesting stops to have insights into the Rajasthan culture and way of life.

Otherwise, the other active elements during the Rajasthan trip consist more of city walks and city sightseeing bike tours. An exciting way to experience the various tumultuous and colorful Rajasthan cities and their stories.

Kerala is more nature, while the Rajasthan trip offers a little more culture. The Multi Active Journey is not necessarily less active, but only different active and exciting. The occasional longer transfer stretches then seem like a little rest from all the new impressions and the yoga sessions in the morning make body and mind ready for new adventures.

I like both trips very much for different reasons. The Kerala trip is very suitable for sporty people who love to be active, to experience a lot of nature and even to be able to relax a bit. The Multi Active Trip in Rajasthan, on the other hand, is not a recreational trip. But instead, one plunges from one experience to the next and experiences India purely.

Both trips complement each other wonderfully and cover two very different regions of India. One trip is actually not complete without the other. It is only after experiencing both journeys that one can claim to have an idea of India.

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