Camel safari through the Tharr desert

July Calendar Sheet No. 7

During the camel safari on the sand dune

What trekking is in the Himalayas, a camel safari is in the desert.

From Jaisalmer, in the far west near the Pakistani border, there are particularly nice tours!

Tharr Desert

My first camel safari was a three-day tour through the desert. At that time we were only two girls and had a camel guide and a little boy as an assistant along with us.

We really enjoyed the intensive time with our two companions at that time. We rode together through the endless desert, sang desert songs and prepared the food on an open fire. Of course, we slept in the open sky. At that time, however, we slept rather under a bright full moon, than under stars.

Camel Safari

Since then I have participated in many other camel safaris in different areas and although the safaris are still great fun, the length of the excursions has been significantly shortened. It is often enough for my guests to get a little insight from the desert and so we usually only go on a tour with one night only in the desert.

Overnight stay under the stars

The most exciting thing about such a camel safari is getting up on the camel and back down again. The camels seem to have more joints that they use and when they get up they bend back and forward – exactly the same thing happens when it goes down again – and such a camel can be quite tall!

After some time, the buttocks also begin to hurt a bit. Especially the male riders with their slightly more cunning buttocks often uncomfortably slip back and forth on their saddle after ome time.

In the Tharr Desert on Camel Safari

But such a camel ride is a lot of fun overall, especially if you take the reins of your camel into your own hands and gallop through the desert a little faster.

During the hot lunchtime, a shady tree is found for some rest, while the camel guide prepares a simple meal. The thick chapati (flatbreads) with delicious vegetables taste good and fit wonderfully into the desert. Then we continue the ride – towards the sunset. On the sand dunes you have a particularly beautiful view of the sinking red glowing ball.

2 days through the thar desert on camel

Slowly the first stars come out and after dinner the mattresses are rolled out onto the soft sandy bottom. We lie next to each other under the bright starry sky and quite a few of us see their first shooting star in their life.

From the first rays of the sun we are awakened and after a light breakfast with obligatory masala chai we ride back to civilization.

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