Chair Yoga for Senior Citiziens- A Christmas gift for my grandma(s)

A year ago, my grandma was able to take part in the “Yoga for Elderly”. But at above 80 years, it’s not so easy anymore to get on and off the mat.

In the table pose, the knees and wrists hurt, balance exercises are hard to hold and uncertainty arises. All this makes the yoga class more of a painful affair. Yoga is supposed to be good, pain-free and also fun. Even in old age, yoga still makes a lot of sense: rarely used muscle groups are activated and stretched, the joints are mobilized, concentration and final relaxation are practiced through balance postures and breathing exercises. Chair yoga is just too ideal for the Seniors

The chair gives security, you sit comfortably and can concentrate on the essentials: breathing, stretching and activating. Everyone has 15 minutes a day- so please perform this sequence daily and if possible also make the exercises longer. I wish all grandmas (and also grandpas) a Merry Christmas and have fun with Chair Yoga. I apologise for the quality and the scenery. The video was taken in Shimla, a town in northern India, but unfortunately only a closed shop line served as the background…

Chair Yoga

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