Yoga and Ayurveda for a Healthier and Fitter Body (and you)

Self Paced 5 Hours Online Course

You feel disconnected from your body and already try for ages to get rid of these extra pounds, but all types of diets and methods you attempted so far never worked? You look for a holistic and wholesome approach to get back to a body with which you feel comfortable and happy? You would like to develop a healthier lifestyle and diet, which incorporates the ancient wisdom of yoga? You are interested in getting back to a balanced state of mind body and spirit? You would like to incorporate yogic movement and breathing techniques to establish to become fitter and more energetic? You are looking for a more peaceful and connected life and are interested in incorporating meditation in your daily routine?

Then this course, consisting of active yoga practices, energetic breathing exercises, peaceful meditation, and relaxation techniques and some theory around Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle with recipes, is the right choice for you.

Lose weight, become fitter, healthier and more energetic and develop your own Yoga practice, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to find back into your natural balance.

Especially from many Indian women, I often get inquiries to join Yoga classes to lose weight.

My immediate response would be, to tell them that Yoga is basically not a physical exercise, but rather a holistic system of balancing body, mind and spirit and to get into connection with the Higher Self.

But instead I happily invite them to my classes and guide them through the various holistic and ancient techniques of Yoga to deepen the connection with them, so that they can find true inner joy (Ananda) and automatically establish a balanced state of being and the extra pounds are vanishing by on their own.

Body, Mind and Spirit are interconnected. If there are mental disbalances for example, it will be reflected in the body and vice versa.

Basically three changes happen through a regular Yoga practice, from which the dedicated yoga student benefits, who is not quite satisfied with the body yet.

  1. True Happiness lies within

Through Yoga we realise that all the happiness lies within ourselves and can’t be gained through outside circumstances. Often we think that once we lose 2 kg or fit in those pair of jeans, we will be happier, more confident and successful. But the reality is that only if we are in connection with ourselves and establish a state of harmony, we can be truly happy. Since I am practising Yoga, I am so more relaxed with my own body and even grateful for its functioning. Let’s face the truth, unless we don’t starve ourselves, have “great” genes or exercise hours and hours a day, our figures will never resemble the one of a super model. And they don’t even have to.

I learned through Yoga to love my body for what it is – the vehicle of my soul in the present world. The ideal body, society talks about, doesn’t exist. We are all individual and beautiful. And for all of you, who are having some serious extra weight, please keep reading.

2. With a healthy mind and spirit also the body gets into shape

If your body is out of balance and you are “overweight”, it natural affects and blocks your thinking, emotions, feelings and connection to higher energy.

Many of us know the feeling of having those extra kilos after a period of stress, holidays, and laziness. Neither do they feel good nor right. Often, when we get back to our normal, healthy and balanced routine, our body gets back to its normality almost by its own.

But some of us never live a balanced and healthy life.

Reasons lye in today’s world including a stressful working environment, difficulties in the family or inner conflicts and misbelieves, so called “samskaras”.

When practising Yoga we not only connecting to our spiritual layer, but also strengthening our mind. We get into a state of inner wellbeing, which gets reflected in our outside environment and physical being.

When we are internally balanced and healthy, we automatically thrive for a healthier version of ourselves, including healthy eating habits, connecting to nature and lifestyle changes.

3. Yoga Therapy

There are various Yoga practises we can use to increase the metabolism, physical strength, endurance and shape the body.

With certain Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra and Mantra we can work specifically on our body. Strictly speaking I don’t call this explicit use of practises Yoga, but rather Yoga Therapy. Nevertheless it works.  The practice of all the many various Asanas has always mainly (not only) be a means of getting a fit body to sit long in meditation to then find self-realisation, so called Samadhi.

All these three aspects of Yoga will help us in this Yoga Course, to create a healthy and fit body with which we love to be with. But as a side effect, we will also establish an inner balance, contentment and connection -maybe even the more valuable achievements. Over all I hope, that this course will be the beginning of your own Yoga journey.

I think it becomes clear now, why I didn’t just simple named the course “Yoga for weight loss”. Although marketing wise, it might be the better headline.

Mentioned in the name of the Course is another big traditional Indian System. Ayurveda. Ayurveda is Indian traditional health system. “The Ancient Wisdom” also has some clear guidelines related to weight management and we will especially have a look in the topics of Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle.

Let’s bring the topic of “Overweight” to the point once more.

Why is the body, as it is right now?

I can see 3 clear reasons; all of them have to do with the time we are living in.

1) Lack of movement, sitting lifestyle, no time for ourselves

2) Food and eating habits: combi of availability, emotional eating, boredom, lack of knowledge, lack of time

3) Misbalance in ourselves

During this course we will work on all three Aspects: Movement/Lifestyle, Nutrition and Our Selves. Mainly on the later, as our inner Wellbeing contributes to the other two.

One word on Prana

Prana is the “Life force Energy”, which circulates in all of us and the universe. It is especially in the fresh air we breathe, wholesome food we eat, people with high charisma and highly charged nature places, such as lakes, mountains, trees.  That is one reason, why in India these are all holy places and you often can find temples at those locations. Through a Yoga Practice, a healthy nutrition and lifestyle, we can accumulate Prana, solve blockages and send the energy in the most hidden corner of our body. If the Prana flows, we find balance and Connection, which again leads us to a more healthy and wholesome live. The Circle continues.

This course will have lots of practical parts, but also some theory sessions to deepen your knowledge.

We will combine all aspects of Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra) and Ayurveda (lifestyle and Nutrition) to create Prana, let it flow and connect back to ourselves and to  bring body mind and spirit in harmony.

Automatically your body will change back to its best version. But that aspect – as mentioned before-will be only a side effect and probably not the main focus point, after you experienced the real joy of yoga and Ayurveda.

This Course includes:

4 Lectures:

Theory Session on your Ayurveda Body Type with Self-Assessment Test

Theory Session on “Kapha Dosha”

Theory Session on Dinacharya- the Daily Routine According to Ayurveda

Theory Session on Ayurveda Nutrition for weight management

 5 Practical Classes:

 25 Minutes Pranayama Class

15 Minutes Guided Meditation

20 Minutes Yoga Relaxation Practice

40 Minutes Yoga Class

90 Minutes Yoga Class

9 Short Cooking Demonstrations:

Kapha Tea

Kapha Churna

Golden Milk

Spiced Buttermilk

Ayurveda Breakfast

Light Kichadi

Mint Coriander Chutney

Making of Roti

Indian Cooking of Vegetable and Lentil Dishes


Course Book with Welcome Article, Body Constitution Test, Info Sheets Dinacharya and Nutrition and Recipes

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