And Action!

… we have been in Manali for a few weeks now, because the Dutch filmmaker Maureen Birney is our guest in Manali and with her we are busy filming our tours around Manali.

Whether rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, local festivals or fishing – Maureen and her camera are always there! Maureen embarks on many adventures to capture special moments: while climbing, she hangs herself on the rope, the mountain biking tours she joints on the Royal Enfield and for paragliding she has been taken to the skies!

Although we didn’t take the fishing on the Manalsu River at Old Manali so seriously (we just wanted to get some shots) we actually had two rainbow trout on the fishing rot!

Our yoga shoot was much more relaxed and all yogis and yoginis can look forward to a forty-minute yoga flow class with me in the Indian Himalayas! You will find the video below.

In addition, Maureen and her camera, weighing three and a half kilos, took part in our five-day trek over the 3600-metre-high Chandrakhani Pass and on to the traditional mountain village of Malana. If you are curious to see how such a trek in the Himalayas is like, have a look here. 

Only today we returned from our four-day yoga trek, where we filmed not only the beautiful trekking routes through the Himalayas, but also the morning and evening yoga classes in the camp. See the video here.

The shooting days are now almost complete and now Maureen is eager to cut and edit! We are already looking forward to the results!

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