Yoga trekking in India – a report from the point of view of the organizer

During the seven-day yoga trek in the Hamta Valley near Manali in the Indian Himalayas, I had to stop every now and then to look into the mountain landscape, take a deep breath and realize what I was doing here! I was on a seven-day trekking tour. In India. In the Himalayas. In the best […]

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And Action!

… we have been in Manali for a few weeks now, because the Dutch filmmaker Maureen Birney is our guest in Manali and with her we are busy filming our tours around Manali. Whether rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, local festivals or fishing – Maureen and her camera are always there! Maureen embarks on many […]

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Relaxed Yoga Trek with cultural insights

Trekking in February Our first trek this year was something very special in many ways: 1. Never before have we had a trek so early in the year and yet it was warm like in summer! When Katja and Erik asked if trekking was possible in February, I had doubts. At this time in Manali […]

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