Famine in India

Call for emergency aid for people in India during the Corona crisis

Dear family, dear friends, dear Chalo Travels guests and donors.

Thank you. I am overwhelmed, a bit emotional and can still not quite comprehend, that within the last nine days, we have received 6817 € (55000 rs) donations for the poor daily labor people in India. These people have been suffering under the curfew in India due to the Coronavirus and are now suffering famine without financial income and savings. They became indirect victims of Corona.

Many people in India already lived in poverty before this crisis. But while the beggars could still beg on the streets, daily labors had a small daily income and children had at least something in their stomachs, these People now have nothing and are dependent on our help from the outside.

I am very grateful to all of you, for your contribution to helping those humans.

Your overwhelming donations have enabled us not only to extend the pre-planned support of 32 families in Shimla but also to support more families and stuck migrant workers in Delhi.

Thanks to you, we can now provide basic food items to 100 families in Shimla (rice, lentils, oil, flour, salt, sugar, spices, tea) and Hygiene items for 2 month. This care is organized and implemented by the human hope foundation.

In addition, we provide milk packages to 70 families with children and all Children with a banana every day. By the end of the week, we also want to supply vegetables. Many of the beneficiaries do not easily accept help, but unfortunately have no other choice.

no school, but at least some occupation in the form of games and learning materials

For children and adolescents, the Hope Foundation also provides game and learning material from the center.

Golu now gets a litre of milk a day for his family of six

We have a network of volunteers who localize needy families. Unlike in the slum areas in Delhi, here the needy families are distributed all over, making a supply additionally difficult. Due to the curfew, we have many limitations and have to work closely with shopkeepers and the police in various areas. Within a few days, we managed to find reliable partners and to build up a functioning system. The policemen were provided with masks and gloves by us.

When it came to locating the shops, we were faced with the problem of not getting official invoices for the purchased items, this issue we now solve half-legally, but efficiently.

In addition, through our funds, we provide 200 hot meals a day for stranded workers in Delhi. This action is performed by a friend’s colleague independently.

With the help of your donations, these meals will be available for the next two months. These migrant workers have no way of returning to their villages and now lead a refugee life in their own country. Without fixed accommodation, they have no possibilities to cook and are therefore reliant on ready-made meals.

People queue for a daily hot meal

Meals are cooked in a temple kitchen and then sent to the hungry people. Often people only have this one daily meal. Since it exceeds our logistical capabilities to create a second meal a day, we had also tried to distribute bananas and biscuits and were able to provide them to 800 more people as a meal replacement. The distribution was very appreciated by the poor, because these products offered them certain independence. However, we have been stopped by the authorities, but are trying to obtain a permit from the next few days.

Food packages for 240 families in Delhi

Together with the organisation Chetna in Delhi, we provided food items to another 240 families of street children and in slums. These packages consist of 2 kilos of rice, 5 kilos of flour, 2 kilos of lentils, 1 liter of oil, salt and spices. They last for approx. 4 days. However, they give people hope and a sense of cohesion. In addition, many people in need are provided by the government through an emergency program. However, this supply consists of boiled rice only.

In Delhi, too, we are faced with the logistical problem to have no permission to distribute the parcels. Here again, we work closely with the police.

As you can see, your donations have already been able to secure the next 2 months for many people.

Within India, too, a lot is being done by private aid organizations and the government.

For the human hope foundation in Shimla, as well as for the organisation Chetna in Delhi and its protégés, we are the only supporters. I know both organizations personally and have worked and supported them even before Corona.

Nine days ago, I started the fundraising project from an impromptu impulse and the desire to do something. Originally, I addressed friends and family, but soon it became a bigger Chalo Travels action with support from Germany, Switzerland and even India.

When I started calculating the support of 32 families for a month with my partner of the Hope Foundation and counted a total of 1300 €, I had little hope of reaching this sum. But thanks to your we have even come far beyond this and have been able to reach out to so many more people. Thank you!

Donations are always welcome. I guarantee that I personally take care of your donation without conversion and administration fees. It directly goes to those in need.

These are worth your donations:

35 € supports a whole family with basic foods, hygiene products, milk, and vegetables for a month

10 € guarantee 40 people a daily hot meal

5 € guarantee a family a food package that lasts for 4 days

Please contact me directly, so that I can provide you with my account details for a donation.

On behalf of the Human Hope Foundation in Shimla, Chetna in Delhi, as well as all people in India who have received your support and hope, I thank you from the heart!

Your Sarah

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