My Ayurveda Spa at home

One of the eight branches in Ayurveda is called Rasayana and deals with “rejuvenation”. Of course, the Rasayana applications are not really making you younger, but may well prolong life or give more quality to life. The tissue is built up and strengthened and in general, more well-being is ensured. In a small personal setting, Rasayana treatments may be beneficial applications in the form of cosmetic treatment.

After some research, I created my own little Ayurveda Spa in my Indian bathroom with simple applications for the face, hair and the whole body.

After all, Ayurveda should not be only a theory, but it should be applied in practice! The self-massage, called Abhyanga, for example, I imply quite regular in my daily routine.

But now I also wanted to test an Ayurvedic hair cure, a skin peeling/face mask and facial cleansing. Additionally, before the full body massage, I also tested the Garshan- a dry massage with a sponge made of raw silk.

The sponge for the Garshan

Yesterday was the time of my Ayurveda Home Spa.

In the kitchen, I quickly mixed the recipes together: Triphala powder with water and sesame oil cooked for 10 minutes for a hair treatment, one Peeling of chickpea flour, milk, turmeric and rose oil for the body (I also use it as a face mask) and foamed milk with rose water for facial cleansing. Everything was made quickly with simple ingredients.

the peeling is quickly mixed together out of milk, chickpea flour, turmeric and rose water

The applications themselves made a little mess out of my bathroom and I was very happy about my Indian bathroom, where practically the whole room is a shower with a drain.

Don’t be afraid

I cleaned my face with milk, shampooed my Hair with the Triphala sesame oil mixture and brushed my entire skin tissues strongly with the raw silk. Then came the chickpea mask and body peeling. In professional Ayurvedic terms, this application is called Urdvatana where you rub your entire body with it. I knew it already from one of my yoga retreats, where I applied it myself as a therapist. First, apply it body part by body part to the previously oiled skin and then rub it until it detaches from the skin as crumbs. This is not only a good exfoliation but also an excellent cleaning. I enjoyed the peeling and also the face mask.

Nevertheless, after that my whole skin felt wonderfully delicate and soft.

My hair also looks a little stronger, but this can also be conceited.

Conclusion: From simple ingredients, you can quickly conjure up a small Ayurveda self-spa and it feels really good afterward. But the applications themselves can provide some work in the bathroom in terms of bathroom cleaning and probably a professional application in a real Ayurveda center stays a little more relaxed in terms of after work.

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