Day 18 Jharkhand: Oal ki Sabzi with Chilka

“Jhar” means “and “Khand” means “Land”. “Land of Forest”, what a beautiful name for a state. Unfortunately, I don´t know much about it, but heard from many sources how beautiful the nature is. Many different tribes are present in that state in the west of India.

Today I prepared the so called “Elephant foot”, a type of yam, similar to potato I would say. The preparation of it reminded me of the common Indian cooking with a Tharka (Gravy) made out of onions, tomatoes, spices, ginger and garlic.

The Chilka was more interesting for me. An easy batter was made out of soaked rice and yellow Dal and then fried like a crepe in a pan. Very easy to prepare and light to eat.

My dear friends, please share some more insides about the State Jharkhand with me.

Recipe for Oal ki Sabzi

Recipe for Chilka

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