The entry of Germans to India prohibited until further notice

From 11 March 2020, entry from Germany to India is prohibited. All German nationals are not allowed to enter India until further notice due to the Corona Virus, despite a valid visa. This also applies to citizens of France, Spain, Italy, Korea and China.

It is not yet clear when the situation will ease again.

Update  (12 March 2020)

Entry to India banned due to Corona

If you usually worry about your health when you travel to India, the situation is now reversed: India protects itself from the Corona virus from outside and closes. On 11.03.2020 India banned Germans, French, Spaniards, Italians, Chinese and Koreans from entering India, and from 13.03.2020 India will completely close. This measure is intended to prevent a dramatic spread of the Corona virus in India. So far, India has reported 50 cases, 14 of which are Italians, and there are no deaths yet.

Certainly, a spread of the virus in India will be dramatic, as the Indian population lives on the narrowest of roughs with high contagion potential. The extent to which the medical facilities are designed for this is questionable.

What does that mean for Chalo! Travels?

Well, the backpacker trip is just underway and the three travelers are coming back from their Himalaya trek today and can continue their journey as normal.

I had to cancel three trips this weekend and during the Easter holidays. I hope that the journeys can be made up as soon as the situation settles down again.

Now it’s time for some rework and reflection, travel planning, website maintenance, customer contact and lots of yoga.

Well, if I don’t have any trips, I  have time for the Chalo! Travels Youtube channel. Here I have uploaded the new video of the Rajasthan Multi-Active Trip. Have a look – it certainly awakens many beautiful memories for all those who have already taken part in the trip in the last two years and maybe raises the desire to travel with us, for everyone else.

Surely this summer also some yoga retreats will take place in Germany.

Until then, stay healthy!

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