5 travel tips for India

You want to make your trip to India very special and not just follow the beaten tourist paths? Do you want to experience India as it is and get in touch with the people on the outskirts? Do you love nature and like to move? Then  these 5 travel tips are perfect for you to make […]

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Post from Gracy- a report of a Solo Traveler

Namaste lovely Chalo! Travels friends, I’ve been in India for five weeks now and I can report a lot. I have experienced many things and have gone through ups and downs. In India, holidays are until July and this is particularly noticeable on the roads in the mountains. The beautiful landscape with the relatively cool […]

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The Chalo! Travels Year 2016

The year 2016 has been marked by interesting journeys, wonderful encounters and many highlights. This year took us on trips across India- from the southernmost state of Kerala, via Karnataka and Mumbai through Rajasthan to Rishikesh and to the far north to the plateau of Ladakh. Whether on foot, by bike or on the mat […]

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