Women of India

Actually, my headline is already wrong. You can’t actually write about women in India in general. In India there is not the “typical woman”. Depending on the location, caste, and class, the female inhabitants differ greatly in their lives on the Indian subcontinent. Hardly any life is like the other. With this article, I am […]

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Interview with Hamreet- Housewife from Delhi and follower of the Sikh Tradition

Interview with Harmeet Khurana, 25 years old, member of the Sikh religion Harmeet is a twenty-five-year-old housewife from Delhi. She has been married to her husband Charanjeet for 6 years and has a three-year-old son, Angad. Harmeet, who belongs to the Sikh religion, invited me to her home for an interview, so that I could […]

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A day well spent in an Indian mountain village

I am very fortunate to have friends all over India, all of them with very different lifestyles, different religiouns and from different societies. This allows me to get a great insight of the people of India and to experience how the inhabitants of India live. I was invited to the village Kanol by my former […]

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