Climbing mountains – Why do I do this?

Extreme weather conditions: It can storm, snow, become foggy and temperatures drop well below freezing. […]

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When dreams come true

January Calendar Sheet Nr. 1 This Christmas I gifted my grandparents an “India calendar” with photos of my travels. To each photo I will be add story every month during this year. I would also like to share these stories with you. And here is the first story of the January calendar sheet: It’s 6:30 […]

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Mount Everest

On my flight from Mumbai to Istanbul I finally saw the new Everest movie about the tragic accident in 1996, in which countless climbers lost their lives. I know the story well, the book “Into thin Air” by Jon Krakauer about this tragic event was my entry into the world of the mountains and sparked […]

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Altitude sickness – underestimated danger of the mountains

Here is an article by Sigmund Haider on the interesting topic of altitude sickness: In the course of the 19th century, people began to discover the mountains, especially the Alps, as an infinite playground for their desire for conquest. In In the 20th century, the mountain world was increasingly instrumentalized as a playground for the […]

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