My trip to India and to myself- advice from a spiritual seeker

“A guest post by Lisa, who started her trip to India with a trek in the Himalayas with Chalo! Travels. Lisa did a yoga teacher training at Shri Jasnath Ashram, a small ashram in Rajasthan where Chalo-Travels offers yoga and Ayurveda retreats and Sarah teaches as a yoga teacher. In addition, Sarah met Lisa again […]

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Rajasthan Round Trip

In two weeks through the Indian desert state with palaces, camel, yoga and interesting encounters Rajasthan is the main destination, along with Agra and Delhi, for many Western travellers. In fact, the great desert state, with its impressive stories of Maharajas and Mughal kings, can be traced back while visiting the mighty forts and magnificent […]

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Crossing India in three Weeks

The three-week student trip in March had it all: By bus, train, plane and car we toured all over India! We walked through the tea plantations of the Westerngaths, experienced the Holifest in Hampi, went by boat on tiger sight in the Ganges Delta of the Sunderbans, took part in a public yoga class at […]

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