An India Group Trip for Women only- Why?

From time to time you read in the news: India. Mass rape. Men’s dominant. Risk for women travelling alone. (More on this topic can be read here and here).

At the same time, however, I and so many other women from all over the world feel a great interest in the exotic subcontinent.

India is unique. Is full of colors and vibrance. It is the land of yoga and Ayurveda. Has a variety of landscapes, religions, cultures, languages, cuisines and much more.

Yet India is not an easy country to travel, if not one of the most demanding countries to travel: the country is huge. The distances to be travelled thus long. Trains are best booked three months in advance. And with all the many interesting destinations, which one to choose? How to plan the whole trip logistically best…????

If a woman wants to plan a trip to India, she needs one thing above all: MUCH TIME. Either a lot of time to plan  the trip beforehand or just time traveling within India.

In addition, a travel companion is very good, but usually not so easy to find. The holiday date must be right, that field of interest and the way to travel fit.

In order to bring all these aspects together (security, good organization and planning, nice travel companions), I have developed a special women’s tour for India.

Women Traveling Through India

This not only ensures the safety of a group, but also includes the destinations that have particularly appealed to and interested my customers in recent years. Because even if men and women can actually tick similarly when travelling, there are always differences. Only key points such as yoga, shopping, Ayurveda, Indian cuisine and light exercise are to be mentioned here. All topics that may interest men, but mostly on a different level.

Some yoga in Rishikesh, a gentle hike in the mountains around the Tibetan-influenced town Daramshala, cultural highlights in northern India that are actively experienced. A cooking class, markets, markets, markets, interactions with Indian women from all social classes and at the end of a week Ayurveda , yoga and beach at the resort in Kerala. Click here to go to the itinerary for the India group trip for women in January.

The journey is, of course, accompanied by me – a woman who has lived in India for 10 years now and loves india in all its facets and chaos.

During this time I have made my own travel experiences as a woman in India and of course I have 100% of them included in my travel planning.

So I plan many active elements and interpersonal encounters in my tours and guide my guests also off the tourist paths to give as authentic  insights as possible.

In addition, I try to make the journey as pleasant as possible. After all, India can quickly become too much.

Pleasant means: uncomplicated and short travel routes, good logistical planning, nice destinations, a varied program with a mixture of activity and relaxation.

7 Days Ayurveda Beach Resort

I am committed to bring women together and provide them with an India experience that fills them and gives them a similar relationship to India and its people as I have.

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