Tips for a pleasant air trip

Your trip to India is imminent? From Europe to India you fly for at least 7 hours, depending on the route. Such a long time on a plane can be quite exhausting. That’s why we have some valuable tips for you to make your journey by plane as pleasant as possible!


A good preparation is the be-all and end-all, so that your flight to India is as relaxed as possible. First of all, you should deal with how to get to the airport on the day of departure as early as possible. Depending on how far away you live, a trip by car is the most comfortable option. In order to avoid stress and high parking fees, it is best to reserve your parking space at the airport in advance. But you could also take the train and use the Rail and Fly option.

Another point in terms of preparation that makes more than sense is an online check-in. Most airlines have these options and you can check in online from 24 hours before the start of your flight, speeding up the process at the airport. This is easy and convenient and you avoid such long waiting times and do not have to queue! Another tip: Have your travel documents in an envelope always at hand – at the airport you need your passport and co. in different situations. often show!

On the plane

On a trip to India, you will be on the plane for several hours. In order to make this time as pleasant as possible, we have a few tips for your time on the plane. First of all, the clothes are a decisive factor if you want to have it cozy. In tight jeans you usually don’t sit very comfortably. So choose clothes that are nuptited at best and in which you feel comfortable! To find some sleep on your seat, don’t forget to pack earplugs and eye masks. These are worth gold in a bright and rarely really quiet plane to find some peace! Many airlines even provide them for free during the flight. A blanket or a large scarf, which you can use as a blanket, also ensures cosiness during the long flight. Pack a time-pass, such as a book or your favorite music, and a few snacks to sweeten the flight.


When it comes to carry-on baggage, there are a variety of conditions to consider. In order to avoid nasty surprises at the airport itself, you should read your airline’s regulations before boarding your flight and find out how big your bag can be and what can be on board. When carrying in luggage, you should remember to check the weight at home. If the weight restrictions are exceeded, there may be high surcharges at the airport – and who wants to pay extra or have to repackage at the last second! When you arrive, you will be waiting for your backpack or suitcase on the baggage belt. You will quickly realize that simple suitcases in dark colours are very popular and that the recognition of your own luggage is not even so easy. With a loop or an eye-catching luggage belt, you can solve this problem and find your suitcase faster!

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