Diving in the Andaman Sea

In the January 13th article ” Holidays in the Andaman – 12 recommendations for the islands of Neil and Havelock ” I already share some information about the beautiful group of islands in the Andaman Sea.

Today it is supposed to be very specific about diving on Havelock Islands and Neil Islands.

Because who would have thought that one of the best diving regions is in India?

There are about 40 exchange schools in India and I think we all agree that when it comes to diving, it is particularly important to focus on the quality of the school and not look too much at the price.

Dive India really convinced me with their appearance and the reviews of the guests. Since my own diving experiences during the Padi Open Water course, Chalo! Travel with Dive India and together we offer Complete Diving Holidays and Courses.

There are two options in the Andaman Islands. Either you book dives. Not only Padi qualified divers can do this, but also inexperienced divers.

While the non-qualified divers dive on shore reefs, certified divers can explore numerous dive sites depending on their qualifications.

While the areas around Havelock Island are very suitable for beginners, advanced divers are also drawn to the areas around Neil Island. The different areas are up to 30 meters deep and with a bit of luck you have a view of up to 40 meters!

Padi Open Water course

I am very happy that I decided to book the Padi Open Water course.

If you complete the online theory course before you travel to the Andaman Islands, you can complete the practical part in just three days.

You meet for the dives early in the morning at seven o’clock and complete your two dives and the theory by the early afternoon. This leaves time to relax on the beach in the afternoon.

My very experienced diving instructor Juju also went into the theory during the practical part and repeated everything again, so that I felt very safe.

Attention: the online course is quite extensive and will certainly require two weeks if you learn about 30 to 60 minutes a day.

Upon arrival at Havelock and checking into our nearby accommodation recommended by the dive school, it was off to the school itself.

I was surprised that I not only got my equipment immediately, but also practiced checking, setting up and dismantling the equipment professionally with a teacher!

The next morning, after repeating the theory, we went straight to the shallow shore for the first dive. I was pretty nervous and had issues with equalization and buoyancy at first, until I was able to relax a bit and then it was actually really fun.

I was lucky enough to have my dive instructor to myself.

Eventually Juju let me swim without goggles. When I put my goggles back on and the water was out, I saw a white and black coiled snake close in front of me. It later turned out to be a very poisonous but harmless water snake!

Also on day two we had two more dives in the coral reef on the shore.

On the third and last diving day we went by boat to two other diving areas. My exam lesson consisted of guiding myself through the reef. It was an incredible experience!

We saw an incredible number of large and small fish, such as clown fish, rainbow fish, lion fish and the red snapper, but also lobster and octopus.

The whole time I felt safe and well taken care of by my guide!

I can’t wait to take more advanced courses and go diving again!

What luck that India has so much to offer! Even diving!

Courses and dives with accommodation on Havelock and Neil can be booked through Chalo!Reisen.

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