Relaxed Yoga Trek with cultural insights

Trekking in February

Yoga Trekking- Yoga Stunde am Morgen
Yoga Class in the morning

Our first trek this year was something very special in many ways:

1. Never before have we had a trek so early in the year and yet it was warm like in summer!

When Katja and Erik asked if trekking was possible in February, I had doubts. At this time in Manali at 2000 meters there is still far too much snow and it is also really cold and trekking not possible. But in the Kanga Valley around Daramshala there are great treks, which are already possible from the beginning of the year. They are located between 1500 and 2000 meters and offer excellent conditions.

2. Our whole team:Jogi, Pinku and I (Sarah) all accompanied the trek together, even that never happened before!

Normally we are so busy in the high season that our trio has to split up: one has office service, the other two go on tours, which often run parallel. Well, it was great to spend the time together.

3. A village trek

In the Manali area we don’t have vmany villages on our treks.  But here near Daramshala, every day the hiking routes lead through several villages and sometimes we even stayed in them. Also in the village of Kanol, where our guide Ashok is at home. So we not only visited his home, but got to know the life of the nice villagers up close and even attended a wedding!

The village of Kanol

4. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

We did yoga twice a day. The practice in the wild in the middle of the mountains of India is something very special! The classes were entirely adapted to the wishes of our guests and consisted of meditation, Asana practice, pranayama and mantra chanting!

Not only was the body happy about the stretching after our of hiking, but also the mind found peace much faster and slipped into the meditations without any problems!

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