6 Travel Tips and Destinations for Assam

Assam is one of the “Seven Sisters” who make up the northeastern tip of India and the topographical center of this region, with all other six states bordering Assam.

While its neighboring states are hilly to mountainous, Assam is largely flat due to the Brahmaputra and the Barak valley.

The 78,438 km² state with its 31.2 million inhabitants is an excellent travel destination in itself and has a colorful mix of tourist activities to offer. These range from cultural encounters, industry, history, to nature and adventure experiences.

1) Visit to the Sualkuchi silk region

Assam is famous for its silk. Near Guwahati is the Sualkuchi region, where all silk production and processing takes place in people’s small backyards. During a half-day visit you can experience all the steps in silk processing from the silkworm to the finished scarf.

2) tea gardens

Assam is littered with tea gardens and it is worth spending the night in a bungalow in one of the many tea areas to stroll through the tea gardens during the day and visit the tea factories.

3) Majuli Island

Majuli is the largest river island in the world. Located in Brahmaputra, it is famous for the so-called “Satras” – Hindu monasteries of the Neo-Vaishnavas sects. Shankardas brought about a major reform of Hinduism in this region in the 15th century. In the satras no deity is worshiped, but the Baghvad Gita (a book) and there are also no fixed structures. The monasteries consist of several units around a temple complex, where the monks live separately in small groups, take care of themselves and teach each other in their tradition. They have their very own dance, singing and drama forms, which are trained to perfection and performed at festivities. There are various subgroups, with some being allowed to marry, others living in asceticism, some specializing in the making of masks and others in the performing arts. Visitors are very welcome.

4) Brahmaputra

The mighty Brahmaputra flows through the northern part of Assam. In some places it is up to 30 km away. The banks are connected by ferries and bridges. There is the largest river island that is a national park and the largest river island at all.

You can also spot the famous and rare Ganges dolphin, go fishing and go rafting or boat trips.

5) Indigenous peoples

The northeast is famous for its indigenous tribes. There are more than 250 different ones in the entire northeast region and some of them also in Assam. The Mishing, Thai Phake, Singpho, Khamti and Mishmi are just a few. Incidentally, the Asum tribe gave Assam its name. The tribes differ fundamentally in origin, religion, bellies, clothing, language, dwellings and language.

It is interesting to visit some of the villages to live with the different tribes and to get to know them better. Guests are always welcome in the homestays.

6) national parks

In Assam there are numerous national parks with a rich flora and fauna. Brahmaputra Island and Kaziranga National Park are particularly famous among them.

On Dibru Saikhowa- there are the only wild horses, various birds and mangroves and it is one of the few national parks where you can walk.

Kaziranga is famous for its rhinos. Especially on the morning elephant safaris you get very close to the rhinos and can enjoy the peaceful nature at sunrise.

Tigers, elephants, water buffalo and leopards are at home all over Assam and can also be found outside the national parks.

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