6 reasons why it’s cool to live in India (at least for a while)

I have lived in India for eight years, admittedly not in one of the big, overpopulated and polluted cities, but in the countryside, in the middle of the mountains in the Indian Himalayas. The Indian country life is not only wonderfully relaxing, but the people are also above average friendly here. The following points apply mainly to a life in the countryside and not in the Indian city.

  1. Your own staff
Your own cook at home

You live and work in an Indian city? Then do it like the Indians and employ your own cook and housekeeper for a few 1000 rupees a month. The Indian social system works by ensuring that the upper middle class takes care of the lower layer by employing them for smaller hourly household work. The very rich Indians even have permanent employees who live with them in the house. This then extends to a driver, cook, cleaner, laundry lady, a gardener, security guide and your own fitness trainer. Maybe not all of them might be necessary, but having your own cook, who cooks fresh for you every day, is quite nice.

  1. Rickshaws

Rickshaws, whether bicycle rickshaws or motor rickshaws, can be found everywhere in India, or – in other words – the rickshah riders will find you everywhere! This is handy if you’ve got lost, are late or just don’t want to walk anymore. For little money, they will take you comfortably and quickly to the place of your choice.

  1. Friends with Time

In India you don’t have to feel alone, on the contrary, the amount of Indians at one place can easily become too much. You will find friends very quickly. Indians take time for their social contacts and cultivate their friendships. Every day you visit each other, drink tea together, make excursions or invite each other. If you decide to spend more time in one place in India, you will quickly have a great network of friends.

  1. India is cheap and therefore easy

Transportation, clothing, food and activities cost only a fraction of the price for the same thing in Germany. This will allow you to enjoy much more freedoms in India that might normally not be on your budget:

No desire to cook – no problem – go out to eat!

Fancy a multi-day trip with friends? What are you waiting for?

Your clothes no longer fit or need to be repaired? – The tailor at the next corner is already waiting for you!

You have to go to the other end of the city? – Take a taxi!

  1. Idleness and serenity

What the Indians completely lack is to put themselves under pressure. Dicipline, schedule, timeline, punctuality? Misreporting. In India, you can completely take the time you need for yourself and your work.  The pressure will not come from outside, quite the contrary, you will probably start to build it up yourself with time (if you work in India)- to a measured degree!

  1. Versatile India

Due to its size, India is very diverse, both scenic and cultural. During your holidays, you can travel to the most diverse places in India and always discover something new, be it the camels and palaces in the Rajasthan desert, the snow-capped mountains in the Himalayan region, palm trees, beach and spices in southern India. In India you won’t get bored so quickly!

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