The Indian “Aunt Emma Shop”

In Germany we call small shops which provide alldaily needs ” Aunt Emma shops”. These days they hardly exist anymore next to all these big super markets. But in India you still have them!  If you do your daily shopping in India, you go to the so-called “Bazaar”, the Indian market. There are vegetable stalls, […]

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Rural India

An insight into the Rajasthani village life India is noisy, polluted, overcrowded with lots of traffic, unbearable poor and too many men are around. If you travel from an Indian city to another Indian city, India can make a bad impression. But India’s charms lie much less in India’s overcrowded cities than in its rural […]

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6 reasons why it’s cool to live in India (at least for a while)

I have lived in India for eight years, admittedly not in one of the big, overpopulated and polluted cities, but in the countryside, in the middle of the mountains in the Indian Himalayas. The Indian country life is not only wonderfully relaxing, but the people are also above average friendly here. The following points apply […]

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