5. Food in India: Where is the best place to eat in India?

1. At home it tastes best…

Homemade Food.....
Homemade Food…..

Where is the best place to eat? Of course at an Indian mom’s place!!! Indian women have cooking simply in their blood and it always tastes excellent!!! If you don’t have friends in India and you can’t live with a family at home, you should live in a so-called homestay just for the meals! This is a kind of pension. Here you have a room at a family’s place, who also take care of the food!! Really highly recommended.

2. Simple Indian restaurants

Wir genießen das gute Essen
We enjoy the good food

Otherwise, of course, it depends very much on the budget where you eat. There is very good cheap food in so-called dhabas. Dhabas are very simple, small restaurants for locals. The food is often good, the choice rather small. Most of the time there is a daily menu with vegetables, lentils, rice and (Indian bread). Dhabas are not about cosiness, but about filling the stomach. They are often very modestly furnished, with little more than a few tables and chairs. The food is very cheap. It is best to go to certain recommended dhabas, or where really many locals also eat. For not only do a few Dhabas seem a little filthy, but they are. With some, however, you land real lucky hits and some are famous for very special dishes all over the region!

3. Restaurants for tourists

Essen in einem Restaurant in Manali
Eating in a restaurant in Manali

Here you get Indian food adapted to the taste of the Western tourist, which does not mean that it is bad. In addition, there are also mostly pizza, pasta, burgers and co. Often you will also find Israeli food or Thai, a welcome change, especially for long-term backpackers. It is best to ask other tourists for recommendations or visit Tripadvisor. Many restaurants in the tourist resorts are really good and reasonable in terms of pricing. Per person with a drink you can calculate with about 150-250 rs (approx. 2-4 Euro) and then you have eaten well and a lot ;).

4. On the road

Indische Snacks
Indian Snacks

Well, that you should not miss the street snacks, I had already written here.

5. In the Mall

In a mall with a beer

If you are willing to spend a little more money on food, this is the place to be! In the malls, which are meant for the upper Indian middle class, you get everything from excellent pizza to Chinese, from coffee to cake. All for a lot of money with extra “Sevice” -“tax” surcharge. But pretty much everything you get here is really good. You are also at the right address for Indian food: the buffets for the weekends are worthwhile, because you can feast here through the various Indian dishes in an upscale atmosphere.

6. Cooking lessons

Selbstgemachte Essen
Homemade food

Those who take part in an Indian cooking course in India benefit twice: they learn how to prepare the dishes and then eat them later. The teaching chefs, of course, understand their work, so the meal itself is always a culinary highlight.

Recommend cooking class in Jodhpur and Manali.

7. And here it doesn’t taste so good:

In India you can eat well everywhere. However, be careful at bus stations and generally wherever the buses stop in between. For one thing, it often doesn’t taste good, is poor in quality and overpriced. I have often spoiled my stomach at such stops. Better to take something packed with you. Often you get good sandwiches from all the “German Bakeries” in the main tourist resorts.

Even the food on the train isn’t really delicious, but it’s fine 🙂

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