5. Food in India: Where is the best place to eat in India?

1. At home it tastes best… Where is the best place to eat? Of course at an Indian mom’s place!!! Indian women have cooking simply in their blood and it always tastes excellent!!! If you don’t have friends in India and you can’t live with a family at home, you should live in a so-called […]

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3. Food in India: How to eat?

In India, people eat differently than we do in the western world; In Indian restaurants you usually sit at tables and chairs and get at least a spoon. In smaller facilities, south Indian restaurants or at people’s home, it can also happen that you eat on the floor in the crossed legged seat and you […]

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Travel Tip 2 Food and Drinks in India

What can be eaten and drunk safely in India? Unfortunately, we cannot give a blanket answer to this question. I have lived in India for 4 years and eat almost everything and everywhere here. But I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that, especially short travellers who visit India for 2 to 3 weeks only. If […]

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