Day 7 Manipur: Sana Thongba

Manipur is one of the 8 states in the North East of India. The North East of India is still rarely travelled and even I have never been to Manipur and almost don`t know anything about this state. So, if you are from Manipur or have been there, please share some insights! What I know is, that the cuisine is quite seasonal with leafy vegetables and lots of fish and meat.

It was a task to find a typical veg dish and therefore I am more than happy to came across Sana Thongba which is basically a Manipur version of the famous Matter Paneer. Instead of the typical onion-tomato gravy, we only use some mildly spiced milk. I really loved this simple, yet flavourful dish. Sometimes less is just more, to get the real flavours of the main ingredients.

Recipe for Sana Thongba

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