Day 8 Madhya Pradesh: Indori Poha

Normally the dishes I prepare for this project are served for dinner. Like this, also my boyfriend has the special experience and generally I cook so much, that there are often leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Today there were no leftovers and I decided to prepare the quick and simple Poha Dish.

Poha is quite common all-over central India, either as a breakfast or snack. It consists of rice flakes, with spices, often peanuts and vegetables.

I ate it a lot during my Ashram stay in Indore in Madhya Pradesh for breakfast.

While preparing for the Indore version, I was surprised to see how different this one was. Instead of frying vegetables and onion along with it, one would just simply fry the soaked rice flakes with some spices, little sugar and later top it with raw onions, pomegranate seeds, green fresh coriander, a tasty spice Mix and some crispy fried crackers.

I loved this lunch, not only for it´s colourful appearance (I mean just look, how amazing is that?), but also for the simplicity of the dish (10 minutes) and flavourful explosion in the mouth (You get every flavour and consistency: crunchiness, softness, freshness, spiciness, sweetness, sourness). This Poha is pure bliss-ness.

But I admit: I add some paneer (Indian cheese) and vegetables to have a balanced and healthy lunch.

Madhya Pradesh is the biggest and most central state of India. Farming is dominating here.

My first ever trip with my mother and sister was traveling through Madya Pradesh. We visited the Palace of Orcha, did Rafting there, admired the temple in Kajuraho (Kama Sutra), spotted a tiger in Bandhavarghar and enjoyed a lightshow at the Gwalior Fort. Especially the long hours on the bumpy roads through the countryside will stay in our memory. We enjoyed watching the rural and slow life from the window of our car.

My second experience was a one-month Ashram stay during a yoga teacher training in yoga therapy. I met beautiful people during that time. At weekends we would visit holy places.

Recipe for Indori Poha

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