Day 9 Uttarakhand: Kafuli with Dubuk Vade and Kumaoni Raita

After traveling culinary wise so far, it was time for me to get a little bit closer to “home” again with some more familiar tastes for a change.

Uttarakhand is also a mountain state in the neighbour of Himachal Pradesh, a great place for trekking and mountaineering and also very famous because of the Hindu and Yoga places Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Kafuli is a spinach dish, Dubuk a lentil dish and Kumaoni Raita a cucumber yogurt sauce.

All dishes are very simple to prepare, but each of them has a small twist in making them, which distinguishes them slightly from the similar preparation in other regions.

I loved the thickness of Kafuli in which some rice flour is added and almost nothing else besides spinach. For Dubuk I first soaked and then ground the Dal before boiling half of it and deep-frying the other half in form of small dumplings. And the Mustard seeds and turmeric in the Raita, made the Kumoani version special.

The whole meal was light, satisfying, simple and delicious.

I have good memories staying many weeks in Rishikesh to practise Yoga, cycling through the entire state during many mountain bike races and staying with a good friend of mine close to the border to China. Also, I did a four-week mountaineering training in the midst of the high mountains. I can´t wait doing some more trekking and mountaineering in that beautiful state.

Recipe for Kafuli

Recipe for Dubuk Vade

Recipe for Kumaoni Raita

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