Day 13 Kashmir: Lauki Ki Al Yakhni with Kashmiri Aloo Paneer and Kashmiri Pulao

Oh yes, I am back! I am happy I decided to also include the Union Territories as well. I mean how can I miss out on the famous Kashmiri and Ladakhi cuisines?

Today’s meal was not only extremely satisfying, but also super easy to prepare. Earlier I thought, Indian cooking always involves the same steps of making the base out of onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and spices and then add the specific vegetable or lentil.

Through this project I learn so many different varieties of Indian cooking. Apparently for the Kashmir cooking style all you need are some whole spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves, fennel, cumin etc, little bit of beaten curd and some Kashmiri red chili and turmeric. That´s it. No need of cutting onions, peeling garlic and chopping tomatoes!

I loved the flavourful Pulao with these two curries! Of course, to add saffron is compulsory, since this expensive spice originates from Kashmir.

Apparently, the Kashmiri version of Aloo Dum is quite famous as well.  Preparing the Aloo Paneer as well, was a spontaneous decision, as I had a craving for both, paneer and potatoes.

Kashmir is a beautiful mountain state. Unfortunately, I never got to visit it, since there have been some political riots going on for the passed few years and I decided to wait for the situation calming down. I can´t wait to visit this place for some cycling, hiking and food!

Recipe for Lauki ki Al Yakhni

Recipe for Kashmir Pulao

Recipe for Kashmiri Aloo Paneer

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