Day 30 Chandigarh: Aloo Parantha

Chandigarh is a planned city in the North of India of which Indians are quite proud of. It is the entry point to the western Himalayas and only 3 hours from my home town Shimla. Although being a Union Territory, the city is highly influenced by its big neighbour Punjab – not only culture wise, but also food wise. Here you can get the best food in North India I would claim.

I decided to make Aloo Parantha. A very popular breakfast item, which can be eaten all day long. The pan-fried brad stuffed with a spiced potato mix is best eaten with fresh yogurt, pickle or butter.

Parantha is available almost around every corner for very little money in the North of India. That is why I normally not make it by myself. But for the sake of the project, I tried it out and I must say, with my Paranthas I could open a very successful Dhaba (small eating place with simple food) ?.

Recipe for Aloo Parantha

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