Day 29 Chhattisgarh: Kadhi Pakora with Dal Pithi and and Chila

Kadhi Pakora are a very common dish in North India, but the Chhattisgarh version makes it unique by adding mustard seeds and curry leaves.  Pakoras are fried vegetables dumpling and make also a great snack. Add them to a spicy yogurt gravy and you will have Kadhi Pakora. This dish is also very common in the Punjab region. I remember how our only Punjabi participant during a four weeks mountaineering course got extremely excited when this dish was served!

Dal Pithi is somewhat unique, also the ingredients are quite common. It is eaten a lot during festival season. Flowers made out of wheat flour are cooked in a lentil soup.

To the chilas made out of rice flour I add some onions, chillies and tomatoes to make it a bit more interesting.

Recipe for Kadhi Pakora

Recipe for Dal Pithi

Recipe for Chila

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