Day 35 Pondicherry: Urulaikizhangu Podalangai Turuttu Curry and Beans Fugath with Pondicherry Sambhar

Back on gas.

I have to admit, that I prepared the Pondicherry Day twice.

My first version was the Pondicherry Sambhar with Vendakkai Poriyal, an Okra preparation very similar to the Okras I prepared on the Kerala Cooking Day.

First Try: Sambhar and Okra

Since I already prepared so many similar Lentil dishes and also had cooked Okra, I thought I should make the Pondicherry Day a bit more exciting and different.

Therefore, I prepared on the next day the very elaborate dish Urulaikizhangu Podalangai Turuttu. Not only this dish`s name is long, also it`s preparation involves many steps.

Additionally, I prepared a tasty bean side dish with grated coconut. The Sambhar I used from the previous day.

Urulaikizhangu Podalangai Turuttu is stuffed Snake Gourd in a creamy coconut gravy. The Snake Gourd is stuffed with a potato and pea mix and reminded me of the North Indian version of stuffed capsicum. I couldn´t get any Snake Gourd and stuffed Aubergine and Lauki instead. I guess Pumpkin and Zucchini would also work very nicely.

We loved the dish and is definitely a nice dish to serve on a special occasion. Also, the beans tasted nice and where easy to prepare, so was the Sambhar. Sambhar is a south Indian Lentil and vegetable soup.

Pondicherry is located south of Chennai and is a Union Territory bordered by the Golf of Bengal and Tamil Nadu. It used to be a French Colony and also is the place of the famous self-sustaining and alternative Community Auroville.

Therefore, the kitchen is influenced by Tamil Nadu, the French Cuisine and Seafood.

Recipe for Pondicherry Sambhar

Recipe for Urulaikizhangu Podalangai Turuttu and Beans Fugath

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