Diwali, birthday, Christmas- there is always a good occasion to do something good

Anyone who knows me, knows that I came to India through volunteering work. Through the one-year working with the Indian NGO ABHAS in a slum region in India, I am still deeply connected to the aspect of social community work in India and volunteering runs like a thread through my life here in India. So […]

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Review 2009/10 Volunteering in Delhi Report No 4

January-February In the last two months, a lot has happened with us at work at the NGO ABHAS. At the beginning of January we had quite big problems, because it got really cold in Delhi and the little ones didn’t really have anything  to put on. While I have already felt cold in a sweater, […]

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Review Volunteer Year 2009/10 Report No 3

  Once again, it’s time for a little review. This report covers the months of December/January, almost exactly 9 years ago. The described trip with my family is by the way the model for my two-week “journey through the heart of India” in Madya Pradeh and is therefore very close to my heart. So, it’s […]

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New: Cooperation with non-profit organisation in Delhi

I myself came to India through a year of volunteering with a non-profit organisation in Delhi. Freshly graduated  from high school as a 19-year-old, this year was an incisive experience and a very instructive but also enriching time for me. India is a beautiful country with wonderful people. But despite the emerging country’s increasing progress, […]

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