Diwali, birthday, Christmas- there is always a good occasion to do something good

Anyone who knows me, knows that I came to India through volunteering work.

Through the one-year working with the Indian NGO ABHAS in a slum region in India, I am still deeply connected to the aspect of social community work in India and volunteering runs like a thread through my life here in India. So I worked for a small local NGO in Manali as well.

Yoga for women

Here I taught yoga for children and women and donated all my proceeds through my yoga classes to the organization.

Later, I ran bike workshops with schoolgirls to boost their self-confidence.

Now, since Chalo! Travels is in it’s sixth year, I can go one step further and have established two partnerships with two very different Indian NGOs.

CHETNA is a fairly large and established NGO that has been working with street children in Delhi for many years. The NGO in Shimla “Human Hope Foundation” is quite small, but at least 28 children and 6 girls provide security and education and us supporters the opportunity to know where our support is directly going.

Diwali, the Festival of Lights and one of the most important holidays in India, is just over, my thirtieth birthday is just around the corner and Christmas is not far away. Even if you don’t really need a reason to do good, certain “days” are made to share your own happiness with others.

Here and here you will find some suggestions as to what this might look like.

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