Diwali, birthday, Christmas- there is always a good occasion to do something good

Anyone who knows me, knows that I came to India through volunteering work. Through the one-year working with the Indian NGO ABHAS in a slum region in India, I am still deeply connected to the aspect of social community work in India and volunteering runs like a thread through my life here in India. So […]

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Review 2009/10 Volunteering in India Report 2

The second report about my time as a volunteer in Delhi and our first trip through the desert state of Rajasthan. Nine years have past and when I read this report myself, I immediately feel transported back to that time. I’m a bit proud of what we were able to achieve for the children in […]

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Review 2009/10: Volunteer Year in a Delhi Slum Report No 1

My life in India began with a year of volunteering in Delhi. I had participated in the program “Weltwärts” and was supported by the German state for a whole year to work with an Indian organization in a slum in Delhi. Even today I often get questions about my volunteering and my first year on […]

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