Passport lost or stolen in India – Here you can find out what to do now

You really don’t want to lose your passport during your long-distance journey, but it can happen and then it’s good to know what to do.

The most important thing: Don’t lose your head. Losing your passport is not nice anywhere in the world, not even in India. Especially since you will unfortunately lose one or the other day of travel to take care of the formalities.

Because with your passport you have also lost your visa and are now actually in India illegally. therefore you now have to report not only to the authorities of your country (embassy) but also to the Indian authorities.

But let’s step up to what you have to do now.

Step 1: Copy of passport and visa

Even before you have lost your passport, there is a very important step to consider, which will make the formalities easier later: Take a photo of your passport and visa and save it electronically. So you can always use a copy of your travel documents and use them for both your Countries and Indian authorities to simplify the entire procedure.

Step 2: Report to the local police

Once you’re sure the passport is gone, go to the local police to apply for a FIR “First Information Report! This request must be made at the place where you noticed the passport loss. Make sure that the report is run in English.

Step 3: Apply for a new passport document.

Please have a look at your embassy`s Website what kind of documents are required to apply for a New Passport and whether you need to make an appointment or not.

Mostly a passport copy and the FIR is required at the least.

Also you have to decide, what kind of document you are applying for.Mostly you can choose between a new passport,  a temporary passport or just an exit document.
Step 4: Exit Permit
Now you have to register online with the FRRO and then complete the “Lost Passport” application.
The form you click through is pretty clear.
You will then need to upload the following documents in PDF formate:
C- Form of the hotel where you are staying (This is the document that you always fill in when you check into your accommodation.)
The new and old passport
Your visa
The FIR Report of the Police
A letter from your embassy requesting your exit permit
As well as a passport image as an image file.
The FRRO then processes your application online and you will receive the so-called Exit Permit, by email.
If you have not much time before your return flight, you can also go directly to the local FRRO. But you still have to complete the application online in advance. For the exit permit a fee of 500 rs (approx. 8 €) is taken.
Step 5: Passport in your Home Country
If you have only re-entered youe home country with an exit document, you must now apply for a passport at your place of residence.

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