Day 11 Andhra Pradesh: Pulihora with Papadum

I hardly know anything about this South Indian state and have never been there, so please, share some insights if you are from Andhra Pradesh!

But it was easy to choose the Pulihora, not only because a friend suggested it me, but also because it always pops up first, when looking for traditional Andhra Pradesh dishes.

Apparently, this simple Tamarind Rice preparation is eaten during the harvesting festival time. I was very doubtful about this recipe, since it consists almost only of some spices, tamarind pulp, rice and peanuts and I already knew before, that my boyfriend would not like this sour dish.

Also colour wise it is little appealing. I wonder whether I did something wrong? Please advise!

Anyway, I have no idea, how the actual taste is supposed to be, but I was delightfully surprised about the flavourful rice. The crispy Papadums made a great contrast to the soft rice. The next day I enjoyed the light dish even more!

Recipe for Pulihora

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