Day 11 Andhra Pradesh: Pulihora with Papadum

I hardly know anything about this South Indian state and have never been there, so please, share some insights if you are from Andhra Pradesh! But it was easy to choose the Pulihora, not only because a friend suggested it me, but also because it always pops up first, when looking for traditional Andhra Pradesh […]

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Day 8 Madhya Pradesh: Indori Poha

Normally the dishes I prepare for this project are served for dinner. Like this, also my boyfriend has the special experience and generally I cook so much, that there are often leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Today there were no leftovers and I decided to prepare the quick and simple Poha Dish. Poha is […]

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Day 4 Bihar: Litti Chokha

For some states it was difficult to decide which famous dish to prepare. For the State Bihar it was easy. During my research Litti Chokha would always show up first. Despite being so famous, I have never tried the baked dough breads filled with spices and roasted grains along with the Chokha never before. Along […]

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