Alone among Indians – my life as a foreign woman in India

Life in the Indian city Admittedly, I do not currently live in one of the Indian metropolises, Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. I was able to have this experience during my volunteer year in Delhi and although the year in Delhi and my work with a non-profit organization in one of the slums brought me a […]

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Travel Safe as a woman in India

Bärbel has published my article on her blog “Woman on Travel” with tips for single travelers women in India, with 10 tips for a safe travel in India! A Podcast Episode on that topic at the Chalo India Podcast […]

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How safe am I as a woman in India?

Delhi City. Midnight. 31 December 2009. The streets are dark and deserted, no human soul except me and my friend in the quiet alleys of the normally crowded metropolis. There, suddenly people. They come closer to us: 10 boys, drunk, exuberant.They see us. Get excited. Running towards us. Reaching their hands out to us and […]

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