Yoga trekking in India – a report from the point of view of the organizer

During the seven-day yoga trek in the Hamta Valley near Manali in the Indian Himalayas, I had to stop every now and then to look into the mountain landscape, take a deep breath and realize what I was doing here!

I was on a seven-day trekking tour. In India. In the Himalayas. In the best company. Did yoga every day. Camped in the middle of nature. Enjoyed grandiose Indian food.

To be a participant on this tour alone would be an experience. But hey, I organized this trip and was responsible for the yoga classesas a yoga teacher! How brilliant is that?

Exactly 10 years ago I had completed my studies. Exactly 10 years ago, I didn’t even know what I was going to do in my life.

I wanted to  travel, go for adventures, be in nature, doing sports and experience foreign culturals and make a little money.

Little dreamer.

In order to gain a small distance from the seriousness of life and my future, but also to take a first step in the right direction, I travelled to India in September 2019.

Here in Delhi I would work for a year voluntarily for a non-profit organization in a slum.

This year was the foundation of my life today.

I traveled and trekked through the Himalayas, took my first yoga classes, fell in love with India.

From then until today, of course, it was still a long way to go. But it was a steady and self-leading path, as if it had been given to me. I volunteered with an Indian trekking tour operator in the Himalayas, completed my tourism studies in India, did various trainings as a yoga teacher and in mountaineering, and finally founded my own small travel company for active and adventure trips in India in March 2014.

Of course, I wasn’t overwhelmed with work at first. But my inexpensive life-style in India allowed me to survive my initial phase as an entrepreneur.

Even today I take my freedom to pursue my own passions for travel and adventure and in India both go together really well :).

But even the Chalo! Travel Tours are often real highlights for me. I do not accompany all my tours, but selected tours where I am not replaceable. Be it as a German-speaking accompaniment, for new travel concepts or just as a yoga teacher. In this way, the joy of my travels is preserved.

A yoga trek is of course something very special and has completely different tasks. I can rely 100% on my trekking team so that I can concentrate on the day organization, my yoga classes and my guests.

During our yoga trek we hike three to five hours a day from tent camp to tent camp. All equipment is transported by our load horses and we set up our small camp every day consisting of tents, kitchen tent, food and yoga tent, as well as toilet tent.

The route for the Yoga Trek has been specially selected, so that the daily routes are rather moderate and we end every day at the most beautiful camping spots to be able to practice yoga twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

The yoga classes are adapted to the wishes of the participants and are a colorful mix of traditional Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow and Kundalini Yoga and all aspects of yoga are interwoven from asana practice, to yoga philosophy, to mantra chanting, pranayama and meditation. I myself always have a very great claim to myself to make the yoga classes as harmonious and extensive as possible.

Our excellent trekking chef cooks especially fresh and healthy during our yoga treks and so every day there is a varied menu consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables and vegetarian prepared Indian dishes. We deliberately forgo ready-made products, sugar, eggs and coffee during a yoga trek. But don’t worry, our chef knows how to cook yogic-Indian food well and the dishes will be among the most delicious of your stay in India. Small cooking classes to learn The Indian dishes can be included during the trek.

Yoga trekking can certainly be organized in many places around the world. But there are certainly not many suitable places as the Indian Himalayas: Nature as far as the eye can see, far from any civilization, lonely mountain tent camps, lived spirituality, healthy Indian food.

Here are some impressions of the last Yoga Trek in June 2019. Thanks to all those involved during these beautiful days in the middle of nature.

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